city hall show
All 33 of my freshly-framed artworks are packed up and ready to be dropped off tomorrow at City Hall for a show that will run from August 6th - October 18th. All the details are here, on the City of Orlando web site. Unfortunately there isn't an opening due to security at City Hall, but that's OK because then I don't have to stand there while people look at my work. It makes me so uncomfortable be there while people look at my art. I much prefer people seeing it on the internet where I can't see their reaction to it!

I can't believe I got all of them framed, all myself and with no power tools! ha! They look good I think. And it saved me a lot of money, it cost about $100 to frame all of them, not bad!

I got all the wire in the backs so they are ready to hang. I did the last batch of 15 today while I was watching Entourage. Love that show.

I am a little nervous. Will I have enough work? Will people like my work? Will it look good in City Hall? Yipes! I guess I'll find out. I drop everything off at 10am!
It will look amazing! I wish I could see it in person, but I know you will post an image for us in the mean time!
Your artwork is fantastic. Wish I could see the exhibit in person too!
it will be great! congrats on getting everything together!
Hurray for you !! The exhibit will be wonderful...I wish I could see it in person.
Everyone will love the work!
I think that's really cool that your City Hall displays art. I work in City Hall in Lincoln, NE and we wanted to do something like this, but someone might submit art that would offend. Oh my!

I'm sure it will be a great show. If your City Hall is like ours you will get tons of exposure.

Can't wait to see pictures!
you will be a hit for sure!
I'm sure it will be lovely! Your art is such a pleasure to look at online. I know in person one could truly appreciate your talent!
o man, i feel that same way about talking to people about my art in person. i always have these goofy fears that people are saying/thinking terrible things. oy vey!

i'm sure the show will be fabulous and will generate great sales for you!!
hey got the new issue of Artful Blogging today. Can't wait to read your article. Are you eating Brussel Sprouts in that picture?
ok... what is Artful Blogging and how do we get an issue?!

congrats on the CityHall show - yes you have enough pieces, but it is nice to have a second person showing too - maybe they are the ones that don't have enough pieces!

what no chance to dazzle them with your smile and charming personality? their loss!

look forward to you posting photos of the show up! all the best from here....
It's going to be great! People in City Hall are probably human and if they are, they'll enjoy your work. I can't speak for aliens but I'd imagine they'd like it too. Congratulations!
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