almost the weekend!
Thursday's over and the weekend is almost ready to get started! Here's another custom artwork that I finished up and shipped off today. This one is a birthday surprise for the grandma of these cute kiddos. Hope she likes it!
(click image to enlarge)
Today I managed to get a little work done, then errands sucked up the rest of the day. Went to the vet, to Petsmart, the grocery store, the PO Box, dropped off DHL and post office packages, then went to Pookies Bow Wow bakery to pick up the cat food. whew! I hate, hate, hate running errands so whenever I do, I try to get as many done as I can so I don't have to go again for awhile.

TGIF! I know The Simpsons Movie will be on our list of weekend activities! What are you doing this weekend???

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Ohh, it's so cute! Those kids' faces, the sweet little birds! It's a lovely piece! Your art is a joy, Claudine! Always brings a smile!

...And after reading a prior post, I'm worrying about the lint in my dryer exhaust. Now I gotta find out how to do that!
so much fun little detail in this!

hoping to get to the simpson's movie this weekend, but it may have to wait a week :( also want to go to shakespeare in the park if the weather holds out (thunderstorms are in the forecast). besides that, getting more of the apartment unpacked, and lots & LOTS of schoolwork!
Love the adorable collage!! I have been dealing with dryer issues related to either the machine or the vent, so I know all too well about lint in the chute. We have had to actually remove the metal piece that is in the attic to clean it out. YUCK.
The Simpsons movie got a great review in our paper here. Hope you enjoy it. I have to see if I can get daughter's laptop fixed. Yuck again.
Going to see the new Harry Potter this weekend....BTW...the new collages are sweet !!
She will be thrilled!
This is a real beauty, Claudine!
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