monday, monday
Still working away on things here. I have been finishing up custom artwork orders and getting the stuff ready to send off to the Martha Stewart producer. Just about there!

Here's a custom sketch artwork that I finished up a little bit ago. This little guy is nuts for pirates so of course the artwork had to be all about pirates. I love the little dog in the front of the boat with his little arm over the edge.

I have been getting custom orders for my sitting poppets®! That is exciting! I think I'll have to add a section to my web site about that, hopefully this weekend. Also still working on the web site pages with the custom greeting cards too. Need more time!

I suddenly realized that I have 32 artworks that I need to frame up before I hang the show at Orlando City Hall on July 31st. I wish I knew someone with a table or circular saw that could cut all this wood for me. I hate cutting it all myself with my little hand saw. But I also refuse to use big and crazy power tools like a circular saw. I have a terrible fear about cutting off a finger or a hand. When I was a freshman in college they took us around the wood shop and told us all the horrible things that happened at each machine. Like "John Smith got his finger sanded off here" And "Bobby John got his scalp ripped off here" then they showed us PICTURES!!! I think they thought they were warning us so we would be careful but it did a little bit of too good of a job for me. Now I break a sweat just looking at any kind of power saw. *shiver*

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Just finished watching your new bee's wax DVD - I really enjoyed it! A little Claudine fix before I work on a swap tomorrow. It is a great DVD - you are darling and informative as always! Wish I could come over to help cut some wood for you but it would be too long a trek from AZ. Happy sawing!
xoxx, Renée
I am terrified of power tools also, for the same reason. I have a wood artist friend with a short finger - yikes! Don't do it!!! Pay someone for their skills!
Good luck with the show and with "The Martha"
Oh this is just TOO CUTE!!! I love the pirate puppies!!! Congrats on the sitting poppet orders. That is FANTASTIC!!!
I LOVE PIRATES. I wish I was a pirate, actually. THIS is my favourite piece!! Oh, and the one for Annie Haferman.

Go Claudine GO. I love to use powertools so I wish I was closer to help you out.
Who needs to work power tools when you can interpret pirates like this? (Love the "rags" on the doggies' heads, by the way?)

Hi Claudine!
It's my first post to your blog! Been meaning to for a while. So, no tools for you? Maybe try out a little scroll saw. They are sooo easy to work with, and I think exacto knives might do more damage. It'll make framing a SNAP!
Cortney in San Francisco
Love your little pirate man and doggies, it really is 2 cute!!! grz Eef
hi again,
I just got my mail & you're in Cloth, Paper, Scissors!! So cool. Hurray for you! I just love those sitting poppets.
Awww, the doggies in that are the best! Love the pirate theme (of course).

I have yet to use my fancy-pants miter saw, partly because I have to set up space in the garage for a workshop, but also because I keep thinking I'll need to have a cup of ice ready while I work for easy transport of my fingers. EW! It's hard to get those thoughts out of your head. I can't BELIEVE they showed you pictures. What were they thinking?!? Yikes.

I wonder if you could contact a senior center in the Orlando area to find out if there are any retired carpenters or hobbyists who would like to do this work for an economical rate. That could work out well if you found the right person--and save you some much needed time. Good luck!
Claudine, thank you for this beautiful work. Brian babysat the little pirate, Kade, last night and presented it to him as a gift. Kade loved it as did his one-year-old sister, Liv, who tried to kiss his little picture. Thank you again, your work is beautiful and you were great on MARTHA.

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