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Today started out with sadness. Bernie called me (we talk everyday). She called with some very sad news about a very bad person who has done some very bad things to animals. She and I were both crying on the phone. How can people be so cruel? I just don't understand it. Bernie deals with this everyday but I just can't take the stories. I don't know how she does it.

But then through our crying we both started talking about her upcoming transport and the animals that can be saved.

Next week, Bernie is going to drive 60 little lives to Chicago and Wisconsin to be adopted -- these are little puppies and kittens who were on death row and would not be alive had Bernie not pulled them from animal control. These 60 fur babies will be adopted out at no kill humane societies, when she does this, all the puppies and kittens find home within 3 days of her taking them there! There is hope along with the sadness.

But Bernie needs our help. The cost to run the transports will be around $1500. The air conditioned cargo van to rent costs $600, gas is $240 to Wisconsin and back and $180 to Chicago, she goes through approx 40lbs of Dog food A DAY and the transports take about 2 days each min. Then 20lbs of cat food a day + medical certificates and shots for all the animals. You can imagine how it adds up. She gets no monetary help from the humane societies and relies on outside donations alone.

Here's what you can do to help. Any small donation, even $5 or $10 will help. If we can get 100 people to donate $10 each that would be wonderful! If you aren't able to donate money, please consider placing this 6degrees badge (at bottom) on your blog. The more people who find out the good work Bernie does, the more people who can help. To add the badge to your blog, just click the "add to site" link at the bottom of the badge.

Click here to read more about Bernie's rescue, A Place to Bark.


Claudine - you are such a good friend to Bernie! I took a class with her in Topsfield and what a great teacher and person she is. So real! The stories about her animals are just heartbreaking, but your support of her efforts really reach so many people. I have put that badge on my blog and am pledging whatever I can to help her with her efforts.
Thanks to both of you for making us all think about things outside of our daily lives - and to help the animals.
Bernie is amazing...we need more people like her! I posted the badge on my blog.:)
Thanks for being my friend!!!
( I promise to not tell you anymore bad stories..)
I still can't believe the awful things people do..
I'm off to get the van this morning and will be cleaning and configuring the set up. I'll call you from the road tomorrow:)
Where do we donate at on Bernie's blog. I saw two places on the right hand side of the blog...

DUH....Never mind... I just saw it on your blog, Claudine... one of those days where the fingers fly faster than the mind working! Bernie has to be a human angel to do what she does....

Definitely I will make a donation. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
That badge looks great! I put the badge and a link to Bernie's blog up on my blog! In the past I worked in cat rescue. I don't know what I would ever do without my little girl kitties, both rescued from death!
Great work by Bernie. Daddy and I donated in memory of Friday. We know he'd like that, even though he wasn't that keen on dogs.
yay! everybody!! Lookie! we are at $700!
Bernie is amazing for giving these animals the opportunity of living a life they deserve. I just made a donation and put the badge and link to Bernie's blog & website on my blog.
OMG! I can't believe we have reached $1010!!! thank you all so much!
Thanks for the badge, Claudine! I've added it to my own blog. My kitties, dogs, and even my fishies are very pleased.
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