all about the pets!
This morning I took Toby to the vet, he needed to go to get his eye tear production checked (he has dry eyes which is common with pekes). So I thought it would be a good as day as any to take him. I knew I wouldn't get much work done today since it's my first day back home.

Toby wasn't happy about the vet visit at all, but we were thrilled to see his eyes are now making more tears on their own. The medicine we have been using is working! yay!

I also got Mabel checked, and she has another bladder infection. Grrr! We stay so on top of it -- testing her every couple weeks. She has been good with no infection for a long time so I guess I can't complain. I came home with antibiotics for her and hopefully that will clear things up.

I also picked up pill pockets for my Dad's cat Friday who is 21 (yes 21 years old!!!). I found Friday when I was 12 and he was already a year old, can you believe it! Friday is now having a hard time eating enough food so he been prescribed an appetite stimulant but he won't take his pill. We are going to see if pill pockets will do the trick. Mabel loves them and gobbles them right up, but then Mabel will eat anything, she is a piggy. Here's a photo of her to the left to prove what a piggy she is!

So today was all about the pets! Other than pet caring, I checked my email (almost done with it all!) and made a few phone calls and now I am sleepy again. It always takes me a few days to recover from a long teaching stint. See you tomorrow!


Cute! Claudine, I have the "man" for Mabel!! Sherman is also a big-boned cat, as we say. Please don't mention the fact that his fur cracks open because his belly is too big. We call them belly wings!! He is 12 years old! You can see Sherman at:
He's a nice kitty, but really loves food, especially diet! He just eats more of it!! ha! Glad to hear Toby is doing better.
Welcome back!
Are you planning on sharing any photos of your recent workshops (Italy included!) for those of us who only dreamed of attending? ;-)

Rest and re-charge your creative battery :)
Toby and Miss Mabel are sooooo cute! And look at that tum tum on she sneaking candy bars?!:)
Welcome back Claudine, i just got home from A&S too! It was great to meet you briefly and chat about IF. You're just as sweet and friendly in person as you are here :)
Hi Claudine! Good that you're back and having a pet day. Toby is adorable. I really like those Pekenese cuties. When you get a chance check out the Lucky Dog Blog (new!) for some tips on pet diets.
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