illustration friday: snap
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "snap"

(click image to enlarge)

I have been busy working away on artwork for my line of cards with The Greeting Place.

I have made 17 new pieces of art in approx 20 days! wow!! That is a lot for me!! I am not usually that fast of a worker, but it had to get done and it did and I am so excited about working with them on this card line.

Anyway here's another shoe shopper that I created for the line. I think it works for the IF theme with the quote:

"Mildred always prided herself on being a snappy dresser"

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As you can see I just got finished re-doing my web site and blog. There is still more to fuss with, but I am too tired to mess with it any longer.

I'd like to thank....

Huge thanks to Karen Michel for helping me with the CSS coding. Web site coding has seriously passed me by since I used to do web design. Also thanks to Jenny at Websy Daisy for coding the new blogger template. I know it was a brute and I appreciate it!

Thank you to my good friend Brian for doing my logo and "look". Love it! And to Jennifer for helping me with my re-branding.

Thanks to you guys for your help with the self-interview questions! I loved all of them! I used a few on my new about me page and will add more later. Any others I'll answer here or in a new podcast! Thanks again for your help!

OK I am off to bed!


ask me some questions!
I am re-writing my "about me" page on my web site.

I decided instead of doing it in one long drawn out statement that I would do a mini interview. Now I am stuck as to what questions to ask myself.

If you post a question for me in my comments, I will love you forever!


artistry 2007 photos
Christina posted up photos of this weekend's workshop on her blog here.

She even took a photo of me shopping at the Clipper Street scrapbook store in Langley BC.

Proof I actually shopped!! Yes I did!

But it wasn't for clothes so it doesn't really count as over coming my shopping hatred. Art supplies and paper
are different from regular shopping, like for clothes or groceries for example.

This was my first time in a HUGE big scrapbooking store. I have never seen so many cool papers all together. Usually I just shop at Michaels but they don't have papers like this at Michaels! I am in love with American Crafts papers. yummy! you'll be seeing those soon in my artwork!

See lots of Artistry 2007 event photos here. And a slightly silly photo of me here at the all-night crop (I did not stay up all night no way, I shopped for cool paper - and then went to bed!)

Speaking of bed, it's 2:30! yipes! Time for me to go to sleep!

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closeout sale!
I am redoing my web site which has led me to decide to close out my sheets of rubber stamps (not the Poppet® stamps) I've had these for awhile now and I feel it's time to move on.

I will not be re-ordering these sheets so when they are gone they are gone! Check them out here. Free shipping for all US orders!

EDITED MARCH 30th 2:22am : I just re-did my web site and stupidly deleted the pages with the rubber sheets on them. I will post them here tomorrow (well really later today as it's 2:30am!) so you can see them then :) Check back then! thanks for your patience!

UPDATED APRIL 1st: I have added a blog page with the rubberstamps and ordering info. CLICK HERE to see the post. Thank you!


i'm home!
I made it home last night without incident. But barely. There was severe tornado weather in San Antonio and headed toward Dallas, I think if I had been flying out an hour later I would have been stuck. whew. So Texas is still not on my list of states I like to connect through. I wonder if I can avoid it when I teach in Portland in October. We'll see!

I am totally wiped out today. I could barely get out of bed -- travel and teaching just exhaust me. I am peppy when I am there teaching because I get a lot of adrenaline, but once I get home I crash. But I can't spend too much time resting there is stuff to do! I need to run some errands, do laundry, catch up on a mountain of email. Maybe tonight I'll catch up on my TV I missed and then start back at work fresh (well fresh-er) for tomorrow.

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time to go home!
The workshops went great this weekend!

We were busy from early in the morning until late at night so I didn't have any time to post. It was such a blast hanging out with Christina and Ali and Donna. I got much needed girlfriend time. Tonight we all watched my new beeswax DVD which was hilarious (I crack up watching myself on camera) especially the bloopers.

Tomorrow I leave at 4:45am to head to the airport and then home. I hate going through customs in Canada before you go to your gate, you never know how long will take, here's hoping it will smooth sailing tomorrow especially though Dallas. I would love for Texas to redeem herself in my eyes as an acceptable place to connect through.

See you when I am back in Florida!

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I'm here!
I made it into Vancouver! The flight from Dallas was just fine, no delays. Yay! I hope I am as lucky on the way back! I have been on the go for 22 hours so I am off to bed!

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time to hit the road!
It has been a whirlwind here getting ready for my workshop this weekend in Vancouver.

I leave tomorrow at 6am. The flight leaves at 6am, which means I have to be at the airport at 4:45am. yipes! I am traveling through Dallas. Wish me luck! I still have nightmares about the last time I connected through Texas. ugh! I pray it's not like that again.

But I am excited about this trip. I will be seeing my friends Christina and Ali and Donna, it should be a lot of fun! I am going to go and try to not worry about all the work I will come home to. It will all be there waiting for me when I get back!

I tried to find some warm clothes to pack, but all my sweaters are all 3 years old and all nubby and gross. I missed the boat on buying new sweaters, oh well I guess I'll have to wear these old ones. It's 40 degrees there! Brrrr!!

Here's an 18x24 custom artwork that I just shipped off yesterday! Isn't this one so cute! I love these girls all riding on the Vespa and the cat too!

I am off to take my sleeping pills and have an early night! See you from the road!

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online auction to help the animals
Those of you who read my blog a lot know I am very close with Bernie Berlin. Bernie runs her own grass roots animal rescue and works tirelessly to help animals that would otherwise be put down. Our little baby Stan (pictured at right) came from Bernie's rescue and we are so grateful for him!

Bernie is having a fund raiser auction on ebay and we need to spread the word so that as many people know about this auction as possible. She has listed work by some amazing artists, Lynne Perrella and Beryl Taylor just to name two.

Here's a note from Bernie that she sent to her email list:
Since we moved to Tennessee a year ago we have rescued close to 400 animals all of which would have been put to sleep. Our rescue is growing and so are our vet bills and expenses. The humane societies in Chicago and Wisconsin have been such a blessing with the placement of the animals. All animals are placed within 7-12 days of arriving there. Without their help and the help of the artists and animal lovers we couldn't do as much. So I'm asking that you spread the word of the auction to all your art and animal loving friends and contacts. Together we can help the animals that can't help themselves:) We're hoping to build a small shelter this summer, after our vet bills are paid, so fingers crossed. Here is the link to the auction. thank you so much!

To learn more about Bernie and her auction visit her blog here.


contest quote winner
The Greeting Place picked a winner for the quote contest. They let me know it was really hard, there were so many good ones. We are going to keep them on file so you might win later for a different card!

But for this round Tambo won with this quote:
"The only thing better than a good hair day is having a friend like you! Happy Birthday!"

Yay Tambo! She'll be getting a free pack of cards with her quote on it + other Go Girl! goodies too. Hooray! Thank you all so much for playing! I really appreciate it. It was so much fun, it felt like a collaboration. We'll probably do it again sometime for another image. The Greeting Place loved it too!

OK I have a huge migraine so I am off to rest.


weekend's over
This weekend sped by faster than usual. I had my head buried in work and didn't come up for air except to stop and watch The Amazing Race. Did anyone see those cute knit hats that Dustin and Kandice had on? I want one!!!

I even missed this years' Winter Park Art festival because I was working away (pat myself on the back for my sacrifice). I haven't missed that show in over 12 years. oh well, next year!

Now it's 1:30am and I am stopping work. Going to try and get some sleep! nighty night!


contest winner & update
I did a random drawing for the contest, and Jolene is the winner of a new set of Poppet® Stamps. Jolene, send me an email with your address and I'll get these out to you ASAP.

I have submitted all the card phrase suggestions to The Greeting Place and as soon they choose one I'll let you know which phrase they chose! We'll also keep them on file for future cards. Thank you SO much to all who sent in quotes and ideas for the cards, your suggestions were all amazing! it's going to be hard for the Greeting Place to choose!!


illustration friday: total
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "total"

(click image to enlarge)
This is an image I just finished up last night as a design for my new card line with The Greeting Place. I thought it would fit the IF theme because this gal is working her way through a
total body workout!


worn out!
Here it is almost 2 am again! How did that happen? I have been working all day in the studio and am totally worn out. I thought I made really good progress, but now looking at what I have finished, maybe I haven't. Ugh! I hate it when that happens! When I start feeling like that, it means it's time for bed! Nighty night!


keep on moving....
I have been working like crazy lately! Working on the new greeting cards and also commission orders. I want to get as many loose ends tied up as I can before I leave next week to teach in Vancouver. Whew!

Here's an 18x24 custom artwork that I just finished up of this happy family! I really love how this one came out! Tonight it got it's final coat of sealer on it and it'll be ready to ship Friday!

Thank you, thank you to all who have helped with the quotes! There are so many amazing ones on there! You all have done such a great job! I will submit them to the people at The Greeting Place
and we'll see which ones they pick. It's so much fun! I feel like I am collaborating with you guys! A treat!

Ok I am off to bed. I can't believe it's 2am! How did that happen!? There are not enough hours in the day.


exciting news and a contest
You know that exciting news that I mentioned a few days ago? Well now I can finally tell you about it! I have signed on with The Greeting Place to produce a line of 24 cards to go with their "Go Girl" collection. I am super excited!

We have been working away like crazy to get enough artwork and images and quotes together.

Here's where the contest comes in! We decided it might be fun to ask you guys to participate!

Here's how it works, I will post an image below, and if you are up for it, you will post funny quotes/sayings that go with the image in the comments. If your quote is chosen yo
u'll get a free pack of cards with your saying on it, plus bragging rights to all your friends and neighbors ;)

A few rules:
-- the quote must be an original by you
-- it needs to be funny or a little tongue in cheek/ witty - no mean or dirty humor
-- nothing too long, no more than 3 lines of text
-- think of womens issues/women's humor since this is a line of cards for women
-- extra bonus points if you can work it into a birthday quote that goes with the image, Birthday cards are the hot sellers
-- Don't forget to post your email so we can contact you!

Also....... I will pick at random one winner from the comments to win a free pack of Poppet® Rubber Stamps. I will do the drawing on Sunday and post the winner here.

OK have at it! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with! Here's the image below!

(click image to enlarge)

thank you for your help with this!!!

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beeswax dvd preview!
My new Beeswax DVD is ready!! Creative Catalyst posted a preview of it on youtube so you can check it out. oh boy! I am excited! If you like what you see click here to order it!

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back to the vet
I woke up this morning and Toby's eye was all red and infected again. It's amazing to me how the night before his eye is fine, the next morning it's infected! It happens that fast, he has chronic dry eye so we are always battling these infections.

So just as I am preparing to call the vet, I go over to check on the cats. I take one look at Stan and ut oh, I could tell something wasn't right. I look closer and his eyes are all red and he's lethargic. I was very alarmed!

I call the vet and luckily they have an early morning opening. So I pack up both Toby and Stan and off we went. The vet did say that it looked like Stan had a herpes outbreak so he's on eye meds and is now taking a l-lysine supplement and Toby got his usual antibiotics.
I had a feeling it was the herpes virus with Stan , Mabel has the herpes virus and she experienced something similar after she was spayed. Seems surgery or times of stress can make the virus rear it's ugly head. Mabel probably did give it to Stan when he was a kitten but they did tell me that 70% of all cats are carriers of herpes but only a few ever exhibit symptoms. So that made me feel a little less guilty.

I have spent most of the day staring at Stan in between working on things. He's still very uncomfy and I am so worried about him. The vet did say it would take a couple days for him to get better, but I want him better now!


all gone!
Boy did today fly by super fast. That early time change to daylight savings time really threw me off. It feels as if I got absolutely nothing of any substance done today. I hate that!

We did go over to our friend's Larry and Martha's and had dinner. Larry is teaching a landscape painting workshop at the same time I am teaching in Italy so we'll both be in Cortona teaching together! It will be so amazing!

It was great to catch up with them and chat about the trip. Only 4 weeks away!!
nighty night!

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mmmm... yummy!
Tonight Paul and I went to Red Bamboo a first try in my new quest to find a good Thai restaurant here in Orlando. I really liked it, and they had the sweet sticky rice for dessert -- hmmm my fav! Not all Thai restaurants have that and it was a treat! I think we'll be going back there again!


illustration friday: wired
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "wired"

(click image to enlarge)
No time to make new art this week, but I thought this image would work.

These ladies are about to get wired on coffee as they catch up on their weekly gossip! This image is available as a card design by Amber Lotus Publishing! yay!

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art auction for A Place to Bark
Just a quick note to let you know that this sweet and wonderful gal, has organized an art auction to raise money for A Place to Bark. Up for auction are 3 gorgeous handmade artist books brimming with artwork. Only 2 days left to bid! For more info check it out on Bernie's A Place to Bark blog here.
wait, wait don't tell me...
I just found out that my mom is going to be on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me this week! oh boy! Check your local NPR station web site for air times.


all done!
The vet just called and Stan is all done with his surgery! He's waking up now and we can pick him up in a few hours.

Thank you for all your well wishes and good thoughts. I was in such a state worrying about him. Now I can relax and get some work done, I could not concentrate this morning at all!


he's a big boy
Stan is all grown up! Now that's he's 7 months it's time for him to be neutered. I was surprised my vet prefers to wait this long, usually it's much earlier, but he said it has something to do with reducing the likelihood of urinary problems in male cats later in life.

So tomorrow morning early I'll be taking this little guy to the vet for his surgery.

I am of course a nervous wreck.

Anything involving anesthesia makes me very nervous when it comes to my fur babies. He's not allowed to have food or water after midnight so I am waiting until 11:55pm and then I'll give him a last minute meal. He's going to be going crazy in the morning for food!! And that means we can't feed Mabel either. She will go nuts. She pitches a fit if she goes more than 10 minutes without eating!

I'll be needing moral support in the AM so send good vibes to Stanely that he has a quick and easy surgery!!


illustration friday: hide
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "hide"

(click image to enlarge)
I'm not in love with this piece,
but I thought I would submit it anyway rather than skipping a week... I was having one of those art days where I don't like anything I make. grrr... I hate that when that happens!

This piece is a little stretch for the theme, but I think it works with this quote:
"She wasn't trying to hide the fact she was having another slice of pie, well not exactly"


live chat tonight
I will be giving a live chat tonight at 9pm EST on the Eye Candy Message boards. Please come and join the chat! See you there!


greeting cards online
Oh lookie! my new Gal Pals greeting cards are available in the Amber Lotus store.
Yay! Click here to visit the shop.


not much to report
Not much exciting going on today. Got some work done and Paul and I also worked on a project for my Italy workshop (only 5 weeks away!) Then we watched Amazing Race. I'm off to bed! More work to tackle tomorrow!

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JDRF Walk for a Cure - walk day!
Today was the JDRF Walk for a Cure. We got up early to be at the UCF campus by 8am. Toby riding along in his car seat. It was really super cold out this morning and overcast and blustery but we all warmed up once we started walking. Our team was for my niece Maiya and we were called "Maiya's Dinosaurs" because she loves dinosaurs. We even had special matching t-shirts all to wear!

Here are a few photos from the day!

Here's Maiya and her little sister Madison wearing our team t-shirts!

Maiya got up on stage in front of everyone (all 500 people!) and spoke about having diabetes, about getting shots every day and checking her blood. She was super brave and a great speaker! Interviewing her is Amanda Ober from our local Channel 2 news station.

Toby and Madison comparing strollers....

Maiya with her mom and dad!

Maiya with Paul and I (can you tell Paul and Pat are twins!!)

It was a wonderful day full of great memories! Toby had a fabulous time walking and also riding in his stroller too! Afterwards I did get my delicious nap, I was exhausted - we all were! Toby is still sleeping!! I wanted to get some work done tonight but I am just too worn out. Tomorrow I will start fresh!

Thank you so much to those of you who sponsored us on our walk for a cure for Maiya! We truly appreciate it!!

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Today was another super busy day. I tried to get as much work done as I could. Then Paul's Aunt and Uncle came over, they were down from Ohio. So lots of cleaning and primping the house and food buying took up the afternoon. I had never met them before so it was so nice to meet them!

My sister in-law brought over our JDRF team T-shirts to wear to the walk tomorrow morning, we'll have to be up bright and early to leave the house around 7am. Which is super early for me, I'm not usually up and alert until 11am. I am already anticipating a delicious nap tomorrow afternoon, I just hope stress about how much work I have to do doesn't get in the way of enjoying the walk , sometimes I wish my "work brain" had an off switch.

I was reading on Jen's blog today about Etsy. I am still so confused about Etsy and what you can and can't sell on there. I was reading in the forums and there seems to be quite a controversy over this new constitution they have implemented. hmmm. I don't know. Maybe I'll just sell things right from my web site. The only reason I wanted to be on Etsy was that people who might not find my work otherwise might find me there, but with all this hub-bub maybe it's more trouble than it's worth... any Etsy-ers out there have any thoughts?


live chat on tuesday
I will be giving a live chat this Tuesday March 6th at 9pm EST on the Eye Candy Message boards. Please come and join the chat!

I worked really hard today so I am too tired for a longer post. See you tomorro


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