time to hit the road!
It has been a whirlwind here getting ready for my workshop this weekend in Vancouver.

I leave tomorrow at 6am. The flight leaves at 6am, which means I have to be at the airport at 4:45am. yipes! I am traveling through Dallas. Wish me luck! I still have nightmares about the last time I connected through Texas. ugh! I pray it's not like that again.

But I am excited about this trip. I will be seeing my friends Christina and Ali and Donna, it should be a lot of fun! I am going to go and try to not worry about all the work I will come home to. It will all be there waiting for me when I get back!

I tried to find some warm clothes to pack, but all my sweaters are all 3 years old and all nubby and gross. I missed the boat on buying new sweaters, oh well I guess I'll have to wear these old ones. It's 40 degrees there! Brrrr!!

Here's an 18x24 custom artwork that I just shipped off yesterday! Isn't this one so cute! I love these girls all riding on the Vespa and the cat too!

I am off to take my sleeping pills and have an early night! See you from the road!

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I'm thinking 40degrees sounds balmy to me.

Have a great time!


Hope you have a great trip and have good luck coming through TX this time!!
Have a good trip Claudine, I'm heading west also, to CA!
Have a wonderful my boyfriend, Mr. Ambien, having an affair with you? He's so good to me.
Love (zoom zoom...)
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