he's a big boy
Stan is all grown up! Now that's he's 7 months it's time for him to be neutered. I was surprised my vet prefers to wait this long, usually it's much earlier, but he said it has something to do with reducing the likelihood of urinary problems in male cats later in life.

So tomorrow morning early I'll be taking this little guy to the vet for his surgery.

I am of course a nervous wreck.

Anything involving anesthesia makes me very nervous when it comes to my fur babies. He's not allowed to have food or water after midnight so I am waiting until 11:55pm and then I'll give him a last minute meal. He's going to be going crazy in the morning for food!! And that means we can't feed Mabel either. She will go nuts. She pitches a fit if she goes more than 10 minutes without eating!

I'll be needing moral support in the AM so send good vibes to Stanely that he has a quick and easy surgery!!


Awwwww! Poor Stanley, but it'll be over before he knows it.

Claudine, the new and MUCH improved veterinary anesthetics available these days are much less hard on your pet's system and can be monitored and adjusted much more closely than the old types. Plus Stanley will come out of it a lot quicker and with less of a drug hangover. He won't be a happy boy for a few days, but he'll bounce back fast. Hang in there!
Good luck to Stanley. I can't believe he is 7 months old already! Bless his heart!!

not only is the anesthesia so much better these days (last time I asked about it, I was told they use what is used on infants), it is also so much easier and quicker for little boys than for little girls!

good thoughts and hugs to all of you - I totally understand how you and your gut will be feeling...

Awww--I feel bad for both Stan (obviously) and Mabel! If I go more than 10 minutes without eating I get cranky too! :-(

I'll be thinking good thoughts for you. I know how taxing it is to worry when one of your babies is in anything less than a warm and cozy situation.
Sending good healthy thoughts to Stanley...and peaceful thoughts to Stanley's mom!xo
He'll breeze through it!
awwwe Bless him :) I took a painting class with you over at Crealde last year! Nice to see you going strong!
Sending hugs and prayers to both you and Stanley.
Its amazing how big they get, and so fast.

My cats were both neutered at a much earlier age, I hope they don't have problems when they get old. :(
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