a great book!
A new and wonderful book has just been released that I think every single creative person who is working for themselves (or wants to!) should have.

I might be a bit biased because I am interviewed in the book. But I can honestly say, this is a wonderful, wonderful book! When I was reading the proof copy I could hardly put it down.

It now has a permanent place on my nightstand so I can pick it up again if I have had a frustrating business day.When you work for yourself, it's so nice to know you are not alone and this book really helps with all the interviews with other creatives who are self employed.


That is sooo good to know about.


Oh, why not? I'm on an Amazon book buying spree, today, so I might as well!
Thanks Claudine:
Just placed my order for this book. I Looked over the author's website and several of the recommended links, and liked what I read. Waiting for this book with anticipation. Any other book recs from you and your blog readers will be appreciated by me.
This book is definitely on my wish list, Thank you for sharing!!
sounds like a book to put on my wish list. :) thank you for telling us about it.
I'll have to pop out and get this book, that is after we did ourselves completely out of this snow storm! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing your interview.
Thanks for the heads up. That certainly looks like a v. useful book!
CLAUDINE, you are such a sweetheart. and you rock the BACK COVER, too!!!

thanks for helping to spread the word!!!
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