tag! I'm it!
I was tagged by Jennifer Louden to reveal 5 little-known things about me. Last month I did the 6 things, so now to come up with 5 more! OK here goes!

1) I am an only child. Contrary to only child lore, I never wanted a sibling.

2) Before I leave the house I have to check the oven to make sure it's off, sometimes I check twice or three times.

3) I like the smell of gasoline and freshly washed sheets. Strangely both smells remind me of my summers in London

4) Generally, I am a very happy person but I love to read dark and moody books, check my "Books I like" section in my sidebar and you'll see what I mean.

People tell me my laugh is very recognizable, but I never know if they mean in a good way or not

I tag: Carmi, Christina, Nina K.


OMG!! I also check the oven-before I go to sleep too and 2 or 3 x after I use it. I also have to look at the front door to make sure that the bolt is on. LOL I am SO happy to hear I am not the only one who checks the oven!! Sylvia Plath I do NOT want to be!
Okay, after hearing you laugh on more than one occasion in class, I agree that it is very recognizable -- IN A GOOD WAY. :)
(from Art Unraveled)
Remember back in the 70's when gasoline smelled REALLY good? I was a kid at the time, and I'd always get out of the car and go stand by the pump just to get a whiff. Of course, I don't know how many brain cells I killed off in the process...........
I can relate to this post for 3 reasons:

1) I don't check the oven before I leave the house, which is worse because I then worry that I've left it on the whole time I'm out.

2) I remember loving the smell of gasoline as a child, but don't notice it so much now.

3) My laugh is also recognizable, but I share it with my sister. People have gone up to her after hearing her laugh to ask if she is my sister.

Love your kittys! I'm fending one of mine off right now as I type this. (so any typo's are not my fault!)
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