mini studio visit
Here's a little clip that was filmed for IndieArts DVD Magazine last December of a little tour of my studio. This is only a short clip of what is in the actual issue so you just get to see a teeny bit of my studio, but it's still fun! And even better Stanley is in it too!! Which is of course my favorite part!

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claudine! LOVE the clip! you exude such happiness, fun and whimsy - just like your artwork that continues to be so inspirational! stanley is a cutie! thanks for sharing! hugs, rach
Stanley is sooooo BIG!!!
His brother Ollie now has a home too:)
Nice clip, so cool to see Stan..
See you soon!!
That was so fun! Love your studio, from what I could see! It was fun to see your work from Illustration Friday too.. I remember when you did the "smoke" one.

Your kitty is super cute too!
Helena loved seeing Stanley! smiles, Andra
perfect way to begin a snowbound studio day here too! love that adorable face...Stanley. Yours too, dearie. xoC
I just love it when you post new clips for us to watch! Great clip....I would love to know how exactly one goes about doing these clips....and also, I note in the background high on a shelf...some collage people that are free standing on their did you create those! Are they demonstrated in your videos or books? thanks

hi there! the free standing poppets you can see in the background are beeswax cards, the Project is in this book Also I am doing the project in my new Beeswax Collage DVD which will be coming out soon!!
Great clip, Claudine!!
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