is that me?
One of my commission clients sent me an email asking if I had been photographed in a Pet Smart ad that she saw in her paper. A little confused, I told her, no I wasn't in any ad. So she scanned the ad and sent it to me. How funny! This other person really does look like me except taller and a bit more tan. You know how they say everyone has a twin, well I think I just found mine!


Hmmm, NO offense to the young lady in the advertisement...but you Claudine are MUCH prettier!
What Jolene said.
Wow! That is so weird. We can all imagine we have a twin out there; but it's another thing to actually see them!
I saw an ad once for a centrifuge with a lady hanging over it and ever I thought it was me!
That's pretty strange. She sure looks a lot like you, but you are prettier. Just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog. I have been Tivo-ing Craft Lab for months so I wouldn't miss you on there and my Tivo didn't get it. If you find out when it will re-run, please post so I can set my Tivo to record that episode.
I took a glimpse at the picture when the page loaded and for a split second I did think it was you!
You are much cutier though. You have a certain sparkle.
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