i'm on tv again!
Hi everyone! Just a quick post to let you know that I'll be on Craft Lab again! This time the show is on the DIY Channel (instead of HGTV) and it airs tomorrow at 12noon EST.

I'll be showing a project from my second book, called canvas wall book. I will be making a little book out of un-stretched canvas and then attaching it to a stretched canvas so you can hang the book on a wall. Sounds a tad confusing but turns out really cute.

We filmed this in September 2005 and the taping went by so fast. Now I have no memory of what I said or did or how the filming went! Should be interesting to see!

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I'm going to tivo it right now so I can "meet" you!
I'll be sure to catch the show...the project sounds really interesting! Can't wait to see it!
I think it is safe to say you are now officially famous.
Just caught it now. Excellent project. I love your work.
You did a great job, Claudine!
I actually got to see you twice today. There was an older show from "Carol Duvall" when your first book came out and then the one on "Craft Lab". I started watching "Craft Lab" but my husband said to hold off and he wanted to watch since he admires the collage you did of us for our wedding gift from a friend. He's become a fan of yours too!
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