i'm here!
I made it to Anaheim, CA. What a long day!

I got up at 4am, then Paul took me to the airport. At the gate I ran into an old friend from the 6th grade and then also highschool. She was on the same flight as me and it was great to catch up with her!

The flight went well the 5 hours flew by, I was reading a really good book and so I didn't even nap on the flight.

And you'll never guess who else was on the plane! Kurt Russell! He was in first class (of course). I wonder what he was doing in Orlando, I would think he would have more exciting places to travel, but maybe he likes it there! Anyway it was neat seeing him at baggage claim at LAX with all the rest of us waiting for his bags. I think if I were that famous, I would have someone else waiting for my bags! I resisted the urge to ask for an autograph.

My friend Carmi was unable to make it in today. We were supposed to meet at LAX, and share a rental car but her flights were canceled from Toronto, so she's going to try again tomorrow. I hope she can make it in!

Once I got the hotel I met up with Bernie! It's been too long since we've gotten to spend time together so that was a treat! This Hilton that we are staying in leaves a lot to be desired. It's very 80's decor with dingy hallway carpet, not super clean etc. I put a small piece of tape on the floor to see if it gets vacuumed up tomorrow! Definitely in need of a major renovation. I won't even go into the detail about the horrible lunch we had at the hotel restaurant, ick!!! But at least it's very close to the convention center.

PS thank you to everyone who has posted the adjective list for me! You are helping me more than you know! I'll have an update soon what this is all about!


kurt russell...yummmmmmy...lucky you!smiles, andra
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