Today was all about housework.

I cleaned and vacuumed out my car (I never do this so it was a big feat!) The did the laundry and cleaned the rest of the house and even did the dishes too. I did a really big clean where I got out the big vacuum and not just the little one that I use most weeks. Whew! I am worn out. It's nice to have such a shiny and clean home and car!

Yesterday Paul and I went to mall. Ugh! I attempted to find something to wear to CHA. I did manage to find one shirt, but now I am wondering if I will be cold in it because it's got short sleeves. I do have a jacket I could wear over it I guess. Never know how cold those convention halls will be! Usually I end up in a long sleeve shirt with a scarf and a jacket on because they make it so cold. I think I'll bring a few options so I can change if I am freezing.

I am still working out what I will be demoing at the show and my schedule. I will be at the Ranger booth every day except the 31st from 9am - noon. And we'll have a fun time at the Lazar Studiowerx booth with a carnival type photo area where you can become a life sized Poppet®! Hope to see some of you there!

Tonight we'll be watching Rome. I am excited for the second (and last) season!


Hey Claudine,
It has been COLD in So CA the last week. COLD COLD COLD. Being from the East Coast (Boston) I try not to complain about the cold 'cause I know what "real" cold feels like but the last few nights have been in the 30's here...and for one not used to it, it is COLD.
LAYERS! Think layers just in case...
Hopefully though with all of the bodies in there, it won't be too cold or too hot, but just right ;)
Hey Claudine...I'm going to be at CHA. I will be sure to stop by and say hi. I would definitely pack some long sleeves. The convention center is usually freezing inside, and it will probably be in the 60s outside. We usually get rain towards the end of January, too.
Claudine, I will be at CHA too and would love to get a chance to say hello! I'll be demonstrating at the EK Success booth.
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