random thoughts
- had a great coaching session today, but have lots to ponder and journal about
- went to the Post Office to mail commission to Italy, had to turn back because I didn't have recipient's phone number (I guess it is needed for Global Expedited)
- worrying whether an old bridesmaids dress (light pink) will be suitable for niece's baptism on Sunday. I really don't want to have to buy a new dress and I don't think I'm allowed to wear jeans.
- we still have to get baptism present for niece, we're the godparents so we want it to be nice. Any suggestions?
- the new hostess on Top Chef needs to wear more clothes. Did you know she's Salmon Rushdie's wife. Wow!
- it has been 6 months since I gave up diet coke. Yay!


This might seem pricey..but it is never to early to get a little blue box from Tiffanys. They have a pretty silver teething ring. After they are done chewing can bring it back and have it engraved.....
I like to get something religious. I usually get a Precious Moments children's bible as a baptisim gift. I usually purchase them at Books-a-million. Another idea would be a nice cross, either one that your niece could grow in to or a baby size. My daughter also got some nice photo frames that were for a baptisim photo, a precious moments figure, and an adorable ornament for the tree (that we use every year). Hope this helps!
Oh global mail can be so maddening!! I had no idea about the hostess from Top Chef being his wife. . .wow. Have not seen the episode yet we traded our tivo for an ipod. Which I love and we just plug it into the tv - however we are always s day behind now. And I do miss those adorable tivo sounds when going throught the menus. . .sigh.
that dress looks lovely and appropriate.
a cross is a lovely gift from a godparent (my children received a cross, a year of masses said for them... mostly religious related gifts but also things like savings bonds...)
I like the savings bond idea though you would need to know their Social security number to buy one. A bible is also great...salmon rushdie isn't that cute and she is gorgeous...go, andra
For our godson we had gotten a really cute silver engraved noah's ark-themed piggy bank. We got it at "Things Remembered" and they have a little baptism section in the store. It went over very well!
The dress is wonderful - not at all "bridesmaidy" - lucky you. My sister and I bought my niece and "add a pearl" necklace at our local jewelry store. Not sure if they do this at other stores, but basically, you select the type of pearl you want, and the jewelry store gives you a gift cert. redeemable for pearls. When the parents are ready, they can redeem them for a necklace that the store continues to add pearls to. Eventually, my niece will have a whole pearl necklace purchased by family members - although we started it, anyone can go to the jewelry store and add a pearl. In addition to other gifts, we each add a pearl every year for her birthday & other occasions.
When we baptised my son we got a very nice silver cup with his initials engraved on it.
THe dress sounds perfect. Congratulations on giving up diet Coke....what beverage did you replace it with?
thanks guys! this gives us some good ideas! We had thought of the saving bond but left it a little late, maybe for the her 1st brithday. I love the jewelry ideas. The add a pearl sounds sweet! I will see if we can find a place that does that :)
PS. I replaced the diet coke with crystal lite. It still has neutra sweet but at least it's mostly water and it tatses good.
I just realized how to leave a comment so sorry about the e-mail. I'm sure you get tons of those...

The dress looks great and will be very appropriate -- and it's the right color, too!
I gave my 2 god-daughters gold lockets for their christenings, engraved with their initials.

For my first niece, I am her godmother. I bought her a sterling silver charm bracelet. For each of her birthdays and christmas I buy her one little charm. I know she will love it when she is a little older and can wear it more. She is almost seven now and every so once in awhile she will wear it. Oh and whenenver we vacation somewhere we buy a charm from that location we traveled with her too! And the dress is perfect!
You gave up Diet Coke!!! How? Did you go for hypnosis?

The dress is beautiful, ANY present is good - I usually go for the jewelry for the little girls with names engraved...just so they don't forget their god-mothers when they turn 18.
M. Stella
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