waiting for ernesto
Tomorrow is sure to be a boring day as we wait for Tropical Storm Ernesto to blow over. Paul has to go to work in the morning, but will hopefully be able to drive home in the afternoon between feeder bands of rain.

I am waiting to decide whether or not to bring in the patio furniture. Since I'll be here, I'll just watch it and if it starts blowing around, I'll run out and move it. The winds aren't predicted to be that high so I think we'll be pretty OK here in Orlando.

Poor Toby hates these storms. He gets so bored because he can't go on any long walks. He's so cute. He walks out of the house all excited, then he realizes it's nasty out, and he wants to run back inside.

Tomorrow we'll be watching Jim Cantore on the Weather Channel, we've watched him through so many hurricanes + storms in the past, he feels like a member of the family. A hurricane wouldn't be a hurricane without Jim Cantore.

Some phrases we are sure to hear over and over again in the next 20+ hours: feeder bands, storm surge, hunker down, cone of probability, conditions are deteriorating rapidly.....

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got to get you Jimmy Buffet's short stories - as I remember there is at least one hurricane story in those, plus they are hilarious!

as is your description of Toby's feelings about storms!

we'll be watching Jim Cantore with you! hope Paul gets back and forth to work OK - sounds like good weather for drinking! keep us posted - on the storm not the drinking!
your work is very original, love it.
We're all bummed at work that the storm wasn't big enough for them to tell us to stay home today. Better that than damage or injuries though! The sun's out right now here(near Universal Studios) so hopefully it is where you are and Toby got a walk in!

yeah right now it's not raining. I got to take toby out and he waas very happy!

Looks like ernesto is turning into a non-storm like Floyd did. But I hear he's going to pick up tonight. we'll see!

stay dry!
We just had several hours in the basement the other night, as Tornados ripped thru. Mike and I used the time to play old board games from when we were kids...He didn't like how I kept looking at the pieces. He knew I was eyeing them for my collages!
The heart of the storm was expected to move off Florida's northeast coast and into the Atlantic, where it could regain some of its strength before reaching the Carolinas
Jim Cantore is dreamy [sigh]. I *heart* him. We'll have to sneak in to the next "weather" convention down the street and catch him for an autograph!!
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