toby takes a nap!
Paul and I couldn't resist making this little video of Toby snoring while he naps. Turn up your volume to hear his snores in all their glory!



LOL Toby is a hoot! His tongue is something else!!
He is completely cute and funny!
I am laughing and can't stop. ;-o
Ooooh, you must send that to Cute Overload!

I just sent it to cuteoverload we'll see if she posts it. I am sure she gets a million submissions!
My cat, Spaz, kept looking around to see who was making that sound. Too cute.
Can you hear me cracking up everytime he snorts...hehehhehe
Ha, ha, ha, how cute!
ROFL! How did you and Paul not keep from laughing too loud?!
Ah, what a sweetie! Too cute, indeed.
Oh I just LOVE puppy snores!!! Cracks me up! I almost thought I heard a little giggling in the background. Miss Beula can really snore up a storm too! Thanks for brightening my day!
Oh my gosh! You CAN'T let him sleep in the bedroom with you at night, can you? It would wake me up! (or maybe I'd get used to it)
momma pajama --
he does sleep in our room with us, but sometimes when he's really snoring away he keeps me awake. the other night i put ear plugs in so I could sleep!

babsarella --
that's me you hear giggling in one part of the video. I couldn't help myself. hee hee!
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