my aching head
I have had a migraine since last night and it won't leave me alone. Not even two Imitrex could make it go away. I think I am exhausted from my trip and stressed out about all the work that piled up while I was teaching in Arizona. I am going to get an early night and hope it goes away so I can have a productive day tomorrow.
Nighty night!
oh my. i too suffer from migraines. i feel for you. i have been on emerge for the past year now, and it doesn't really help. wishing you good health very soon.
Feel better soon Claudine! And all of us in Sedona really appreciated you teaching there in addition to Pheonix! Sounds like your filming went great - I'm NOT surprised!!
So sorry for your migraine! I know they are horrid (I've had them since I was a preteen) and Imitrex makes me feel worse. Hope it goes away soon.
Another thing we have in common other than our name.... I get horrible ones too. I have been taking 500mg of Magnesium each day for the last month and a half and it seems to help (knock on wood) I haven't had one yet this month. I take Imitrex but they work maybe 2 out of 10 times.... Hope you feel better
Feel better !!!!
I am so sorry you feel sick, Claudine! For sure you need some rest. Maybe Imitrex will calm your symptoms.
It's a "crash and burn" kind of thing. . . you maintained thru the hectic schedule all summer; now, your body and psyche need a rest! My body screams at me sometimes too.
Easy does it for awhile.
It will all be there tomorrow, you know.
Feel better soon Claudine! I know exactly how you feel.
Oh.. poor you! Migraines suck! I hope you get better soon. The best thing about migraines is when they pass - I always get in a really good mood once the attack is over.
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