it's friday already!?
Toby and I went to the vet today to get blood tests for thyroid deficiency. His hair has still not grown in all the way from his surgery (which it should have by now) as well as other symptoms we are worried about, so we are testing him again. Last time we tested him it came up negative, but this time he's getting a more extensive test. I should find out on Monday what is going on. Poor Toby was not happy at all about going to the vet!

I spent the day working on various projects and trying to catch up from being away. I still have this migraine. Now it's just the remnants, the band of pain around my forehead, but at least it's low grade enough I can get some work done. I hope it doesn't gain strength again. This is getting annoying.

Tonight Paul and I went to see
Little Miss Sunshine. I have been waiting weeks for it to come out in theaters here and I wasn't disappointed. I loved this movie so much!! I think it will be on my list of all time favs.

Go and see it now!!!
Now it is your turn to wait for test results ! Are they also running a test for Cushing's? Poor Toby, at least my dogs love going to the vet. I can't believe how many kittens Bernie has. And I thought taking care of 5 dogs and 4 cats was a lot of work !
Claudine, I've read that migraines are often caused by a lack of you take a daily vitamin/mineral supplement? I used to get migraines all the time in my 20s but have outgrown them now (thank goodness).

Love your art & your blog!
I am still laughing about that movie and I saw it a week ago!!! I haven't laughed so much in months!!!
Hi Claudine, First I have to tell you that I love your work in Terry Taylor's new paper doll book. It's so fun to incorporate our pets into our art! Second, my sweet boy (who is a 13-year-old Bichon) was just diagnosed with Cushings. It's been quite stressful but we are getting through it. Almost 2 months later and they still need to run more tests and we're not sure if the medication he is on will do what it needs to do. Luckily, my for-legged boy has the sweetest disposition and is handling the situation better than me. :) Best wishes to you and your little cutie-pie. Holly
Poor Toby! I am so sorry!! I hope they figure it out!! And that just sucks so bad about your migranes. . .awful!!
Glad to hear Little Miss Sunshine is good - it looks fabulous. Will have to go scope it out!
I hope Toby's ok. I loved Little Miss Sunshine. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Great flick!
We went to see LMS last night. DH was not really that interested, but saw that our paper gave it 3 stars so he went. He loved it and was happy that I convinced him to see it. The Grandpa was a HOOT, and the dance he showed Olive made us crack up!
Oh, and Miss Beula sends her best wishes to Mr. Toby and hopes he is feeling better now and that they can find out what is going on with him.
I'm with you..."Little Miss Sunshine" was just perfect. I cried and laughed and can't wait to see it again.
p.s. Found your site thru Jen Louden' love love your work!
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