i want that filming
Whew! I made it through the I Want That filming. What an exciting day!

Last night I had all sorts of horrible dreams that the film crew arrived just as I got out of the shower and that I had to film in my towel with wet hair. Thankfully that didn't happen!

I spent the morning rushing around getting ready and primping the house. You would have thought I was selling the house not just filming in it. I wanted the house to look nice, even though no one went into any rooms but the studio.

Here's a photo of Rusty the Camera Guy, Me, and Stacey the producer for the segment. Notice my new Anthropologie apron that I bought in Phoenix. Everyone was so friendly they quickly put me at ease.
Toby, however, must have felt my nerves and he got so upset when the crew was there that he threw up. Poor guy! I felt horrible for him. He did manage to calm down and lie in his little studio bed and he even made it into a couple of the shots. I hope they keep those! I would love it if Toby could be with me on the segment.

We started the filming with me pretending I was working on Sarah's artwork. I painted the background, cut out the photos and pretended to be picking fabric. Then they interviewed me a little bit (I can't even remember what I said, I hope it sounded good!)

Then we all went over to my client's house to film her family and her + artwork that I created in her house. Sarah and her family were such troopers! We were at her house for three hours filming. Thank you so much Sarah for doing that! This will be such a wonderful promotion for my
commissions! I can't thank you enough.

We plan to have a little party when it airs so we can all watch it together. So now we have to watch the
I Want That program guide for my episode number #413 to see when it airs. The show is already at #408 and depending how often they show new episodes, maybe it will be soon!

I tried to take photos of the whole process and I have posted them up on
Flickr here.

OK I am off to collapse and watch
Project Runway!

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AWESOME claudine! i can't wait to see this! you have done so great w/your work and you continue to amaze and inspire me. three cheers for toby too! HUGE congrats on the filming, rachel
yeah Claudine!

I love that grouping of art on your studio wall every time I see it! Poor Toby - can't wait to see if he makes the show!!

Sarah's family looks like they were just right for this and took it all in stride - what a great story to show your artwork!

glad it all worked out so well - especially that you didn't have to tape your bad dream - smiles!!!

p.s. oh boy was PR good!
Well, Miss Celebrity...I am so excited for you! I watch "I Want That!" all the time...I even switched to it last night after watching Project Runway. I can't wait until your eposode comes on. This is going to be terrific exposure for you.
Congrats Claudine. Can't wait to see the show!
major bigtime!! can't wait to see the show. thanks for sharing this exciting experience with us. - cute apron!!
I can't wait to see the show. It will be great ! I too hope they keep Toby in the segment. How could they not ? He is so adorable. Keep us posted so I can get the Tivo ready.
Congratulations, glad to know the show went well. Hooray for Toby!
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