bye bye sedona
The last day of my workshop at the Sedona Arts Center went great! It was so sad to say goodbye and to leave Sedona. I won't be back next year. I'll be taking a break, but I'll miss it!

A big thank you to everyone who took my class. You all were amazing! Thank you also to
Debbie again for all her help with shipping my stuff back to Orlando. You're a life saver! I am looking forward to seeing you and Len in my Italy workshop!

Mom and I drove back to Phoenix tonight to stay near the airport for our flight tomorrow. On our way down from Sedona we saw our first dust storm! Wow! How crazy! Trash was blowing all over the highway. We had to dodge a Home Depot bucket at 75mph on I-17 and then there was a huge cloud of dust and dirt combined with lightening. It was pretty scary. I have been to Phoenix quite a few times and never seen that before!

We'll get home tomorrow night and then I have to get ready for the
HGTV "I Want That" filming on Wednesday morning. I am nervous about that! I hope it goes OK. It looks like I have managed to keep my voice, which is amazing after 6 days of teaching!

I probably won't have time or energy to post tomorrow night, but I'll post on Wednesday with an update from the filming! See you then!

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Claudine: I'm so glad you made it through the storm safely. As someone who's lived in PHX for almost 30 years, let me just say, that was a pretty typical monsoon storm. The dust storm goes through first, followed by rain (if we're lucky). I don't like to be out driving during those storms, as they can be very nasty. It's definitely something surprising if you've never seen it here before! :)

I'm just sick about Project Runway. My friend Shelley came over last night and we watched the last 3 episodes because she hadn't seen them yet. Seeing last week's again made my angry all over again!

I'm sorry I missed you at Art Unraveled. I thought you'd be there the whole time. Actually, I saw you in the parking lot as I was coming in for my workshop and thought I should say hi, then thought you were probably going out for the day and maybe I'd see you later. I should've realized you were LEAVING because you had your suitcase with you! Stupid me! :)
I hope your filming goes smoothly! Good LucK!
How'd it go Claudine???? Can't wait to hear the update on your HGTV airing, yes, when does it air???? Exciting!!!!
First and foremost...hope your trip back home was a safe one!!

And, hope all went well today!! Can't wait to read your updates :-)
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