weekend chores and more
The weekend just flew by!

Yesterday I worked on
commissions most of the day and then went to Sam Flax to pick up more canvas and more PITT pens. Then Paul and I went to Jason's Deli for dinner. I love the Tomato Basil soup there. Super yummy, even if it was 98 degrees outside.

Today just did a little more work. I had to write up all the step outs for the segments I'll be doing on
Craft Lab. It takes awhile to figure out all the steps that you need to make one item. But that's nothing compared to making all the step outs, I dread that part. Still it's worth all the work to be on the show.

After all that we cleaned the house and did all the weekend chores.

Then we went over to my niece's house to celebrate her 6th birthday. We got her
this toy but then we were dummy heads and forgot to bring batteries so it was a little anticlimactic. These toys need to come with batteries, I think it should be the law.
she is very smart for her age. she really likes dinosaurs and science things, way more than dolls. She loves her dinosaur dolls!!
When Santa forgets batteries on Christmas morning then you really feel like a dummy head!

I also *dislike* writing step-outs. It is difficult when your process is layered and intuitive to do that:).
Oooo, Jason's Deli...are they a chain? We have a Jason's Deli that looks like it is. I LOVE tomato basil soup. I'll have to go there and try it. I'm always on the hunt for an awesome tomato soup.

Speaking of that, Port Townsend's Tyler Street Cafe has an AWESOME roma tomato basil soup. The BEST I've ever had! Maybe we should hit it one day during Artfest next year? :)
after visiting it for several minutes it's though i've known you several years. thanks also for all the support to my "if illos". i'm going to have to experiment with this collage stuff that you've got. thanks for the inspiration and great blog.
LOL! That batteries issue is something I think everyone has been through. You are right. There needs to be some kind of flashing warning about batteries if they don't come with the product.

Jason's Deli rocks. Yep, they are a chain.

I can't wait to hear about the taping of that show. I think this is so AWESOME, the dreaded set up aside. You deserve all the recognition you are getting. :o)
It always seems like we wait so much for the weekends and the next thing we know, they are over! And I WANT that toy. :)
What a VERY cool toy!!!
I definetly would pay extra for some batteries to be included! Why don't they do that?
Glad you got some chores done...that soup sounds delish.
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