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Oh boy! I am so excited that Project Runway is back! It's like being reunited with an old friend. I was worried if this season would be as good as the other two but I think it will be. It's easy to see already that there are a lot of personalities that will clash, and that makes for great TV.

I felt sad for their apartments when they were ripping them apart to get materials. I gasped out loud when that one girl cut up the leather chaise! Poor little chaise, it didn't do anything wrong! I felt a little glad that the show didn't put everything back for them. I wonder if they'll have to live sans furniture all season?

I was a little surprised that they didn't send home Vincent with his gaudy basket hat and all. But I could understand why Stacey went home, because they don't like it if you don't use unusual materials in those design innovation challenges, and she did just use only fabric.

Isn't Malan totally odd? I think he'll be very interesting to watch. I could understand why Keith won, very nice dress and great design, I am glad he left off that placemat! I feel like Laura might become season three's Wendy Pepper, but we'll have to wait and see!


It was a great show. I totally enjoyed watching it tonight. Oh Vincent, you should be glad they hated the hat, it distracted them from the awful pockets. He won't last long.
Seems like it took forever for wednesday to get here, and surprisingly it was everything I hoped it would be. Looks like they have some extraordinary talents in the mix, and some interesting characters. I'm already hooked for the season!
But, please let's hope that noone becomes as unlikeable as the distestable Wendy. Ugh!
Keith is my early pick for final three. Laura scares me a little!If it is true that the producers just kept Santino around for the conflict he caused, then I am guessing they kept Vincent around for entertainment purposes only.
I think they will keep Vincent for awhile because he will make for good viewing with his emotions.
I'm loving the season already! I thought it was HILARIOUS that they didn't replace the furniture in the apartments...How much that all cost! Yikes!

The next couple of episodes will be a better gauge for what we're in for this season...The claws will come out real soon! :)
OK, you got me hooked!!! I didn't watch last year, but had to go and check it out, and WHAT FUN! I So thought Vincent would go, and I agree with you on Malan. He is VERY ODD and annoys the crap out of me! I loved Laura and Robert's designs the best. Jeffrey scares me. I hated that dress with all the weird levels and strange coat, but the tatoos on his neck freak me out too. Yikes, I can't imagine having all that done to MY neck. I'm looking forward to see what the challenge will be for next week. Oh, but I did want to say KUDOS to all of them for even participating. I could never crank out anything remotely wonderful with a minimum of materials and time.
Even though I do not have cable & was therefore unable to watch Bravo, I love feeling like I'm in the know by reading blogging fans write ups like yours...and of course Tim's Take on Bravo's site (love that man!) Thank you! :)
Thanks for the post on my blog. I always dread the start of a new Project Runway, because it always gets me hooked. Malan is odd, but I worked with people like him so nothing he does really surprises me. Should be a good season.
I'm so excited - even if the start of PR means I have to remember not to read Claudine till the next a.m. - caught myself last night! Especially loved the casting special this time - roared when Tim said he wanted to "bitchslap" the one applicant!

Wonder how Macy's got to sponser rather than Banana Republic. hmmm...

thank goodness for season 3!
I find Malan's laugh scary...he's entertaining though.
I blame you and your blog for my new found love of Project Runway. I got sick of feeling left out when you posted about it :)
I love, LOVE Project Runway and everything stops while I'm watching it. You're right the cast members are so different it will be fun to see them interact. My favorite so far is the Barbie designer that worked for Isaac Mizrahi. I will be tuned in each week.
Oh I agree with u mbc; the Barbie guy is a fave for me. His deadpan humor cracks me up! Did anyone else get the impression from the ads and teases on Bravo last few days that someone would be asked to leave way early on? Like in the first episode? My daughter and I both thought that Tim's comments in the teasers meant that someone was going home early. . .
We both thought it would be Malan - I think he is a con man, fake accent and all!
Yeah! Project Runway. Love it>
Enjoy your blog too!
How is it that the guy who won only used a bedsheet - and that was supposed to be innovative? I would really like to have seem the other clothes commented on! And the coffee filter guy gets my top vote - what an excellent dress!
i like the barbie guy too! not thrilled with the winner of the 1st challenge - too safe. i was shocked that he won. i would be scared if i had to share an apartment with vincent. great theory that malan is a con man... will be interested in seeing if he becomes more real as the story unfolds.
this season seems like it will be very interesting
i can't wait to watch tonight
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