tv time!
Today I worked on more commissions, caught up with email, looked for plane reservations to my workshops in Portland, etc. It was a nice quiet day.

If you're in the mood to watch TV at 9:30 am tomorrow...

I checked the HGTV web site and I noticed that, my first Carol Duvall Show episode will be on again tomorrow at 9:30 am. This is the one where I show how to create a collage with bees wax techniques from my first book.

It feels like that was filmed that an eternity ago!

It was March 2004 and I remember I was super sick, so I double dosed on over the counter decongestants and then it made me dizzy and woozy. Still, I managed to stand up straight and film the segment in one take and sound coherent (I think). woo hoo!

Also, a big thanks to the indie shopping blog for the amazing write up about my commissions. Thank you!

PS. I have now been 7 weeks without drinking diet coke. A miracle!
Thanks for the tip on your show! I lucked out and was home and read your blog literally 3 minutes before the airing! My favorite! Bees wax!!

Congrats on nixing the diet Coke - you're being very smart AND disciplined!! I'm a memeber of PA (Pepsi Anonymous) so I know what you're going through! I think its the first couple weeks that are the worse!! Hang in there!
I watched you on Carol Duvall this morning. I have seen that segment several times in the past and I never get tired of it. I watched it with new eyes today since you mentioned you were "highly medicated" when the segment was taped. I couldn't tell at all! Great Job!
Yes well if might feel like an eternity - but that is only because that book is a classic art book now. A must have for any well stocked library!! [ =
oh darnit, i missed it! one of these days i'll catch you on tv :) i sent off your collage today and left you a note in there about how much i loved yours! thank you again for trading with me <33
Congrats on being 7 weeks without the diet coke! I'm impressed. I've been trying to cut back the last couple of days. I've been drinking WAY too much Coke! It's so difficult in the summer!
I watched you on Carol Duvall this morning. I had purchased your book long ago and always wanted to try bees wax...after your show, I ran out, bought the stuff and am working on my first one as we speak! it is tons of fun! It was so informative to see you actually demonstrate the technique! Thank you so much! Now let's just hope it turns out!!!
Thanks so much for the heads up regarding your segment on the Carol Duval Show. I think I'll be out buying beeswax tomorrow during my lunch break.
I just had to say "holla" on kicking your DC habit. I went cold turkey last November. I was a 6 can a day (minimum) girl, so I was pretty hard core. I actually can't handle the taste of it anymore. I took a sip of one the other day and it really grossed me you should be home free by now!
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