super duper exciting news!
I have been contacted by HGTV's I Want That - they want to do a segment on my commissions for their show. I am excited to death! Apparently they have over 80,000 people watching that show, so this will be amazing publicity.

Now I have to find something to wear and fast! They want to tape here in my studio in the next week or so.

Can't wear white, or black. I usually wear cap sleeve T's or Tanks with jeans. Anyone know of any cute, arty (non white or black) T's or Tanks I could buy online? Anyone want to come to my house and dress me? Oh please don't make me have to go to the mall!! Any help would be appreciated.
Congratulations, Claudine! That is super.

Sounds like you enjoy the mall almost as much as I do!!
Wow, that is so cool~ Congratulations!~ You will look great no matter what you find to wear!!!! Here is a link to one of my favorite fashion designers...
How bout J. Jill online? I get a lot of my clothes through them...I hate going to the mall anymore either.

You'll be great! :)
Eddie Bauer has a cute take on the polo shirt and some dressed up tanks and they are on sale.|21473|21291|21294

Good colors, too!

Good luck. Break a leg. You'll be terrific! I want that!
: )
Claudine, You will look beautiful no matter what you are wearing! They are lucky to have you!
Yay! What great news -- we'll be watching for your segment!

Land's End has tanks and tees in cute summery colors (hot pink! lime green! turquoise!) at

Congratualtions! That's so cool!
The Gap and Anthropologie both have some cute colorful tees.
that is so exciting, congrats! i so know what you mean about the about anthropologie? can't wait to see you on tv.
hi guys!
I found cute shirts from this site:

but I don't know if I'll get them in time.

I guess I'll have to break down and go to the mall so I can go to Anthropologie.

If anyone else has any suggestions, I'm still looking!
thanks for the tips!
HURRAY! I watch that show all the time!! So thrilled for you! I got so busy I never finished my application for That's Clever. I'm living vicariously through you! Hmmm...what to wear?? You've simply got to make a t-shirt with your artwork on it.
dawn, I know! that's what my mom said too. LOL! I might give a shot :)
check out a line called Porridge at anthropologie. cute tanks and tees. plus lots of other cool tops.
How exciting, Claudine!
We love "I Want That" and even more so now. BTW - your segment on beeswax is on Carol Duval again on Tuesday (7/25). Check out Ann Taylor Loft. They have great tees and jeans/pants. And as for the arty part - you could take care of that!

Best wishes,
How exciting! They didn't give you much time to prepare...but then it is less time to become nervous about it. I have seen that show and I am excited to watch you on it. Anthropologie...yes look there for arty T's!
Try out this cool site:

Congrats sweetie! that is awesome =)
I can't wait to see you on t.v.!! Try j.crew, they carry zillions of colors in about a scoop neck or v neck and an artsy necklace? You know i'd make you one and overnight it-no problem!
congratulations !!!
i live far away so i can't help to dress you ;-)))
but, for what i see, i guess anything will be ok ....
All the Best !!!
Yippee! Congrats Claudine! That is super-exciting--I need to get cable! I'll be sending good thoughts your way. xoxo, Tonia
Cool cool cool. How great is this for you :-)
Maybe you'd be better to wear something you already own and love - so you don't feel the need to fiddle with a "foreign" top!!
Congratulations Claudine. That's really great news.

As far as dressing, I personally would go for smaller boutiques than chain stores. Not only does it support artisan clothing-makers, but it's usually has a unique edge you won't see at the mall. (Also, it totally fights the evils of Mall Culture!)

I would also suggest layers, especially sheers. Nothing says luxury like layers. You use them in your collages... why not incorporate them into your clothing?

Here are my suggestions:
Funky silk screen tops.
Lots of cute tops and accessories.
So, I cheated. This isn't from a boutique, but it's a great garment at a nice sale price.
Loads of great one-of-akind pieces! Especially the Gathered Shirt in blue.
Another creative team that makes non-mass manufactured clothing. The Lace Tea Top is super cute. So is the Many Layers Shirt.
Supports emerging designers.

Anyways, you'll look great in whatever you wear! If you investigate half the list that all the people have suggested, you'll have your work cut out for you. No pun intended.
good morning claudine! first of all wonderful news about the show! Wear your favorite color and you will feel like you. I finally got around to listening to the latest podcast and the radio interview. They were really fun! Thanks to paul and you for putting them online. As you said in your radio is my connection to like minded thanks. smiles! andra
ooooh claudine! terrific!
anything you wear will look good! simple is best, according to my husband who did a lot of video work...
this is SO wonderful!
what wonderful news for you, and us!! finally we got satellite so we can get hgtv, whoohoo, i can watch it!
wow, claudine, that's great!!! I can't believe it's ONLY 80,000 people watching that show, seriously - because it's a fun show and I watch very little tv but I catch it all the time. Can't wait to see you there!
Oh how awesome!! Tara Whitney just posted about these cute shirts, maybe they're back in stock:
Then these are real cute!
Penelope Dullaghan of Illo friday fame sells her shirts with her artwork on them
Or you can cruz you can even order a shirt with your print on it...
Congratulations Claudine!!!! I can't wait to hear the time and date so I can watch!!! How about Target??? They usually have cute T's!
Congratulations! Why not pick your favorite apron, that you feel is truly special and pick a coordinating T-shirt color for under it- this would give you the familiar/homey/tried and true feel when you get nervous and would surround you with a loving hug of your comfortable everyday wear... I suggest that you don't try wearing something you usually don't wear. I think your aprons are probably more colorful than black or white and if you chose them they have something you love about them... just my two cents...Don't try to be more glamorous for the show... You shine and have a simply stunning beauty that doesn't need doing up... OK so the camera won't want black or white, but as I suggested those aprons have soul.... I'd go for comfort/soul and a tried and true look! Be yourself! Laura Lea
woo-hoo! Claudine takes on the world!!! better get the studio in order & get ready for LOTS of comissions! congrats & make sure to let us know when it airs! I'd go for something simple on top & funky jewels :) lots of luck!
Claudine CONGRATS!!!!! i really love that show. you will be awesome. i need to get my pics to you before you are flooded with orders!
Congratulations, Claudine. This is a well deserved honor. You are so talented that I can't imagine keeping you a secret from the rest of the world. This is your time to shine!!!

Can't wait to see the show.
Jeanette :)
Congrats on your HGTV guest appearance. I have been admiring your work for some time and love your DVD series. I work for Bloomingdales and we have a free service called "At your Service" and it is free. It is your own personal shopper. Call them up, tell them your situation, the personal shopper can have everything waiting for you and you just pick it out. If you need help they help you. I know th General Manager of the store, Julia (she hired me in my store in Boca Raton) and I am sure that they can get you the coolist tees/tops for your TV appearance.
Good Luck
Congradulations and thanks for the nice comment. Tell me when your segment airs.
Congratulations Claudine! That is wonderful news!!!
i didn't read the other comments but did someone already mention cheap and chic.
oh, how wonderful! congratulations claudine :)
Oh.. very cool! I watch that show all the time! PLEASE post the time and day the show is gonna air so we can all tune in!
:) Abbie
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