saying good bye to a friend
Today ended up being kind of a weird day. This morning, I finished up a bunch of Poppet® commissions and then packed them up to be shipped off tomorrow. I hate packing and shipping, but it's always rewarding to see all the boxes of commissions piling up!

Here's a Poppet® Sketch
commission that I am sending off tomorrow. What cute sisters! One's an illustrator and the other a photographer, hence the camera and the sketchbook.

Then this afternoon I took
Mabel to the vet, just for a yearly check up (thank goodness!). Maggie's cremains had come in, so I took those home with me along with her empty carrier when I left. That was so depressing.

Bringing out her carrier without her in it somehow made it really hit home that she is not coming back. I still can't believe it. So tonight we said our goodbyes to her. Paul and I wrote good bye letters in sharpie on the outside of her cremain box and pasted on a photo of her, not very pretty but heartfelt.

She's going to be buried at the
Best Friend's Ranch in Utah, along with our other cat Melvis who was buried there last year. It might sound weird that we are sending her all the way to Utah, but we feel connected to Best Friends because of the amazing work that they do to help animals. So it feels right to have her buried there.....needless to say it was a very teary evening.

Hug your fur-babies everyone!


aw, I am so sorry Claudine. Most of my best friends have been cats, so I know how you are feeling! It's so hard to say good bye!Thinking of you!
Is always with you, I think you know that..
You are a great fur mom, think of what a wonderful life she had with you..
Hang on to those moments and keep them in your heart forever..
Keep an eye out for those frogs:)
Big HUGS to you!!
I have a new kitty story to tell you....
I remember far too well how depressing it is to pick up the empty carrier and cremains. It's exactly 1 year ago today that we brought our dear Ted (my blogger photo and near identical twin to your beloved Maggie) to the vet and unfortunately never brought him home. His partner in crime is lovingly on my arms now as I type.
I think about you often and send healing wishes your way.
I think Best Friends sounds like a wonderful place for our friends to rest. I have been admiring their work for years now too, and I think they are great. I echo Bernie's sentiments that Maggie is still with you, and she loves it when you remember happy/funny times with her.
hi claudine...that is where my vet office made a donation in my cat's name when she passed away at 21. I thought that was very sweet. I know you love your pets...hugs, andra
nice picture - you have a great style

I'm sorry to hear about your cat. we had to put our 12 year old dog to sleep recently after a horrible long illness and even though it was so obviously time to do it, it was awful
Sending hugs to you. I know this must be so VERY difficult. I am glad to hear Mabel is doing well and I am hoping that today will be a better day.
I know how much it hurts to lose a pet. I still miss my Siamese kitty, Dustin. Please know that my thoughts are with you and Paul.

Oh, and I'm honored that Mandi and I made it onto your blog! The Poppet sketch turned out great! I love it and can't wait to give it to her!

just read today about your sorry.....I too think Best Friends is a wonderful place, thank goodness for them. What a perfect place for your fur-babies spririts to be.
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