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oh boy! Runway time again. As soon as I heard it was a "team episode" I knew it would be good!

Angela and Vincent, wow, what a team! The sparks were flying! The dress turned out OK, but I wasn't too sure about those flaps on the shoulders. I was surprised that Miss Universe liked it so much. Especially as it wasn't an earth tone like she asked for. For a minute I thought that they were going to pick it as the winner.

Then I was torn between figuring that they would pick Uli's dress or Kayne's. I thought they might pick Kayne's because it was very pangent-y, so it really wasn't a surprise when they did. It's perfect for Miss USA, that dress had pagent written all over it.

Malan's dress did looked carved out of a log just like Tim said. As soon as he said that I was like OMG yes!!! It does!! Tim hits the nail on the head again! I felt sorry for Malan when they voted him out. I really thought Angela should have gone home. At least Malan designed a dress and worked with his team mate, whereas Angela didn't do any design (not even a sketch to show Miss Universe) AND was difficult to work with. Harumph.

UPDATED 9:20am:
Thanks to this blogger for the juicy tip on who gets booted off PR for cheating. Right now rumor has it that it's Keith, read more here, and decide for yourself.


The dress they picked was so tacky and therefore so Miss Universe. I liked the dress that Vincent designed except for the funky sleeves. Uli's dress was too hip for Miss Universe (but it was a super cool dress). This is my season watching this series and it's great. It's amazing how talented these people are.
I was totally shocked when they voted Malan off. He at least tried. Angela did nothing and they kept her. Crazy. Santino made uglier stuff last year.

And Michael. The back of that gown was Perfection. Mike needs to loosen up and show us some of the "hip hop" he is known for. and some color. and some pattern.

NBC is repeating Runway on Monday. I guess they want everyone to see it--not just cable.
I was pretty outraged about the show tonight. Just crazy that they chose Malan to go over Angela, for all the reasons you mention. I'm a little less upset after writing about it at length. But the show definitely got a little less interesting.
I agreed 100% with Tim's comment about Malan's DID look like a log. At first I thought all that gathering looked like a brown brain, but the tree trunk description was right on! I didn't think Miss USA would pick Kayne's dress because the model looked like she had trouble walking in it. But it was pretty a pretty dress....but it should have been with a pagaent dress and Barbie doll dress designer working on it. Michael and Kayne worked well as a team and had fun at the same time. I was shocked when Malan was sent packing. I figured they would keep him on just for the entertainment value. He was so sad to have to leave.
Wow! I thought for sure Angela would be gone. Malan's a pain in the neck, but he at least DESIGNED a dress...Angela did nada, zilch, zip, NOTHING! I can't believe this!!!
The more that they let Malan have camera-time, the more he grew on me. His story is actually kind of sad. Though on some level, I think they were trying to get back at him for backing out of doing Season 2.

Then again, if the disclaimer at the end of show is true, about consulting the producers... they probably kept Angela around because she'll cause drama. They usually keep a mediocre designer until the finale, just because they're dramatic.
Keith wrote in to Blogging Project Runway about those sketches - wonder if it's true!
I was really hoping for some kind of twist where Malan's dress gets voted the worst, but they get rid of Angela for failing the challenge.
Angela must be sent packing as soon as possible 'cause she's giving all of us Angelas a bad name.
Can't say I'm sad to see Malan go. Did not like his ideas or his attitude. He always came across as better than everyone else, and his dress was hideous! Loved the winning dress, and of course Laura and Michael's dress (but then again, I love a classic understated style). I don't think it will be long til Angela gets the boot. I do have to say that Angela kept wanting to help Vincent and he didn't want any part of that, so she was not totally to blame. The whole "no sketching" thing really threw me off. I thought that was horrible.
I was surprised like everyone else. I thought Angela would go. What's with the no sketches? Seems unprofessional to me. I haven't heard anyone say it, but I thought Vincent behaved badly as well. I got sick of hearing him say, "I'm the team leader, I'm the team leader!" If you act like one, everyone will know. To me, he acted like the parent who does the kid's school project for him/her and just pushes the kid aside. As a team leader, you need to encourage your team so they feel comfortable working with you and providing input.
no, no, no,
Keith cannot go
He's the best designer
Since San-ti-no
Totally agree with you on Malan. Angela didn't even TRY to pitch anything!
I started to like Milan, I'll miss his odd laugh., the gown was a mess what was he thinking one large breast. maybe he needs some schooling. Whatever Angelas gotta go.
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