rainy sunday
Tropical Storm Alberto is on his way so we are getting lots of rain. Our yard needs it so bad, so we are very happy!

This weather is making it hard for me to get work done all I want to do is nap or read a good book. Speaking of good books, my friend Missy is reading the new Julia Cameron book.

Anyone else reading it? It looks good.

I did manage to do my 2nd quarter taxes which then gave me a migraine. I also packed up some
commissions to be shipped out tomorrow and did banking paperwork. So I guess that's enough for a Sunday.

On Saturday, Paul and I met up with his twin and the rest of the Lester family to celebrate their birthdays at the Cheesecake Factory. We had peanut butter cheesecake for dessert. yum!

Speaking of yummy... Paul just made bananna pancakes for dinner!
Hope you are safe from this storm. How scarry.

The Cheesecake Factory is to die for! Their food isnt my favorite but the cheesecake is so good!

Never heard of Banana Pancakes but I am all about fruit and whipped cream on my pankakes so I will have to try that!

Hope you enjoyed them!

i love cheesecake factory!
hope y'all are safe.
Nothing better than breakfast for supper. mmmm!
We've had severe weather here in eastern NC the past few afternoons/evenings; last night, my baby (Sugar, a 10yr old toy poodle)& I spent 45 minutes in my closet while tornado warnings were up. Man, this time of year is tough. It's drought or tropical. Hope you guys stay safe and dry.
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