catching up
I had a busy day getting caught up from the busy weekend. I finished a few commissions and they are all ready to send off tomorrow!

Here's one that I finished up! What a cute couple and their doggie!

They live in NYC so I also included their street sign. I love how this one turned out. And again, there's that amazing fabric that Tiffani sent me from her wonderful stash. I have been using it up like crazy.

Tomorrow Toby has to go to the vet to have a dental cleaning and also a small lump removed from his back. I know it'll be so hard to leave him there. I am sure I'll have a little cry when I say goodbye.

I have to drop him off at 9am and then he should be ready to go home in the afternoon. I can't wait for it to be over, I get so nervous when he has to have the anesthetic. But our vet is wonderful so I am sure he'll be fine!
Sending good thoughts to you and Toby. You know that the most likely time to have trouble with anesthetic is the first time, right? So if he's had it before, with no trouble, he's much less likely to have trouble now.....

I hate leaving mine, too. It always seems like such a betrayal, since we can't explain to them why we are leaving......
Good thoughts to Toby, I´m sure that everithing will go fine.

I love your work it`s really beautifull!
thanks guys! I just got back from dropping him off. I am sure he'll be fine this is is second time having a dental. The last one was 4 years ago. I did have a little sniffle after I left him, but them quickly busied myself with errands to distract me.

They will call after the surgery to let me know how he did. I can't wait to go and get him!
Sending good wishes your way....Love the new collage!
what an amazing collage - your "clients" (is that the right word?) must be thrilled!

hope your doggie is doing ok. it's so nervewracking when something like that happens, but it sounds like it was nothing too serious.
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