surprise! surprise!
It's been like Christmas around here lately. The friendly (well, not-so friendly) mailman has brought a few surprise goodies for me! I am a lucky girl!

1) Jelaine F. sent me spools and spools of amazing vintage ribbon. Piles of it! The spools are almost as incredible as the ribbon,look at those antique labels. yum! Keeping these locked up far away from the kitties. Thank you Jelaine!!

2)Liberty Hanson surprised me with the most touching gift. I met Liberty when she took my workshop at the Coupeville Arts Center. I just love this cute little bunny figure riding on a lamb. It makes me want to make PoppetsTM in 3-d! The little case opens and jelly bellies were inside. oh boy! Liberty owns a super cool store in Kirkland WA called
Liberty 1 2 3. Thank you Miss Liberty!!

3) Tiffani Smith showered me with scrumptious fabric! All kinds of polka dots! I was thrilled. When she emailed me telling me she was sending some, I had no idea there would be piles and piles. Just seeing all these yummy colors and dots makes me want to play in the studio. Thank you Tiffani!
wow even your mail is fabulous!
what yummy goodies you got! lucky girl to have such great friends. :)
Look! My ribbon is now internationally famous! LOL

Lovin' those fabrics.....
P.S. Can't wait to see what you create with all those goodies. By the way, what flavor were those JellyBellies? My favorites are the popcorn and coconut. I love to eat them together. mmmmmmmmmmm.....
Vintage riboon.....ahhhhhhhhhhh. It is so lovely!
What a lovely bunch of goodies!!!
Carmi, I'm so excited to see what she does with it!!!! I never could utilize it properly and didn't want to destroy it trying. LOL
Hey lady! I may be at the stationary show for fun to browse. I'll check into Jet Blue prices and let you know so we can meet up!
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