new baby is here!
Yesterday, I arrived at Pat and Maria's house at 6am as they were leaving to go to the hospital. Maiya and I played by ourselves until Paul got there at 11am (he could only get a 1/2 day from work). Maria had thoughtfully left crafts and things for Maiya and I to do. We colored Easter eggs (I had to call my mom to find out how long it takes to hard boil an egg - yes I am 31 years old and I don't know this), then we made no-wax candles from a little kid candle making kit. Then I looked at the clock and realized it was only 7:30am! Yipes!

So I had to get creative with things to keep her busy. For most of the day we ended up making paper puppets of every single family member and then backgrounds and putting on a little play. I will have to get these from her to scan because they are so cute. Then we made her new baby sister a birthday card with a drawing of a cake with no candles because as she explained you only get candles starting at one year old and since she was just born - no candles.

All of Maiya's blood checks went well and so did her insulin shot. She even said I did a good job! Yay! Praise from a 5 year old is true praise, because they don't lie!

Around 6:30pm we took Maiya to see her new baby sister, Madison, and the look on Maiya's face when she saw her was priceless! She was so excited!

OK now I have lots of work to catch up on. I am still recovering from yesterday. It was fun, exciting and exhausting all rolled into one day.
oh, claudine, i am so proud of you! i burst out laughing when i read that it was only 7:30am when you looked at the time (no watch, i remember) - oh, man - how time does crawl when you are making fun. i love the name madison - she's off to a grand start!
get some rest, little auntie - xo
Phew! You got me to gigling about the boiled eggs! I still wonder when they are done!(and I'm 55!) LOL Congratulations! What a SWEET day you had, can't wait to seeeeeeeeeeee the paper puppets!
Hi Claudine,
Congratulations to everyone!! I am off to San Diego for the birth of our first Grandson Tomorrow. Little boys are a whole new world for me =) Time to stock up on "boy "color papers and craft supplies
congrats to the family and to you for being the best auntie ever!!! enjoy!
yeah claudine -

maybe next time you get a cape and a longer flight off the ground in maiya's drawing?! you sure had a superhero day- bet someday maiya will be telling madison's kids about your day!

add me to the hard boiling eggs quandry - been looking for a new "recipe" for the last 2 yrs. tried something new this year and finally they weren't so grey! just hard to peel :(

best to all, and some r&r to you!
yes I know what it feels like to have a 5 year old niece around, mine is coming this summer for 2 weeks...oh Myyyyyyy !!!
Congratulations to you and your family for the new baby born :)
Congratulations! It sounds like a beautiful wonderful day for a new little one!
Hey Karen in So. Cal! Try pouring salt into the water, they say this helps peeling them and I think it sure does!
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