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Today we went over to my niece's house to practice everything we need to do to take care of her and manage her diabetes. Tomorrow we'll be taking care of her while my sister in-law has her new baby!

I wanted to make sure I practiced giving Maiya her evening shot at least once. I am confident with her blood checks but didn't feel as comfortable with the shots. I managed to do it just fine. I was more nervous than Maiya. My hands were shaking! At first Maiya was a little hesitant saying she wanted her mommy to do it, but then she let me. Boy was I relieved it was over! But I really feel better having practiced so that way tomorrow I'll be set.

Here's a little drawing that Maiya gave us tonight. Paul is the guy floating overhead (Maiya explained he has a cape so he can fly) - note the 3 strands of hair. Pat is to the left (also with 3 pieces of hair) then Maria, then me with my legs kicking up, then Maiya and finally the new baby sister who will be born tomorrow! Oh and Benny the family's yellow lab is next to Maria (he has a red nose!)

She's quite the budding artist isn't she!!
i'm chuckling about paul's three hairs! and your legs kicking up, so very perfect for you, miss spritely claudine...good luck tomorrow, guys, i know you'll be the perfect auntie and uncle - very exciting! xoxo
So cute!

As a girl who takes her daily shots I thought I would tell you that you can't always feel it. The hardest thing is cold insulin. It makes it sting, but if you remember to let it sit out to warm up a timy bit then it doesn't hurt so much.

You probably already know all that, but I thought just in case I would tell you. I was hoping it might help with the nerves!

Have a wonderful night! Congratulations to you and your family!
What a wonderful picture. Pretty cool that PAUL can fly! It is neat how everyone is holding hands and smiling.
I Love the baby sister =)
Saying prayers for a safe and speedy birth of the newest little Angel.
Lovely!!!! Thanks for sharing! Good luck with your responsibilities.
Ha! I love it! The 3 strands of hair and flying - fabulous! The sun is wonderful as well. What a sweet drawing!
I love children's art! It's so sweet and brutally honest but in such an earnest way. LOL!!!

I always say if you want to know how you really come across to people, have a child draw your picture. If your legs are kicking and you can fly, you're okay! :o)

Good luck and health for Maria's delivery, today. And, good luck to you in your duties caring for her daughter. :o)

I bet you'll do fine.
Mayia has quite an artistic talent! How old is she? Her drawing is darling. I thought Paul flying with his cape was hysterical. I am sure he was pleased that he was dipicted with special powers!!! And your legs kicking up behind you with the little motion lines.....Mayia is one creative little girl!!
So adorable, your niece. I love being an Aunt because it's pictures and moments like this that make it so worthwhile.
Phew!!! That drawing gave me a chuckle! She has you on your toes or jumping for joy???!!! LOL and Paul flying, such a hero he must be to her!!! Good Luck with the shots and how EXCITING!!! a baby tomorrow!!!!Is it a boy or girl, it looks like in Maiya's drawing, it's a girl, is that her wishful thinking or !!!!Wooo Hooo!I'll be checking on you all tomorrow!!! love and prayers, xoooxox
Hi guys

Just talked to Paul and the baby arrived safely about two hours ago. Claudine has had a fun day with Maiya, shots went well and soon they are going to the hospital so Maiya can see her new sister.

Claudine's mum.
Congratulations!!!!!!!!Sending more love and prayers!!! JOY!!!
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