it's tuesday!
I had a busy day in the studio working on commissions. I had one of those days where I worked and worked AND worked and then at the end of the day I surveyed what I had done and I couldn't see much progress. I hate it when that happens. But usually after a day like that, the next day is full of fast-forward movement, so I'll hope that's the case tomorrow!

I looked at the calendar and I realized that I am leaving soon to
teach in Dallas (still room in my classes!) so I have to get a move on with getting work done before I leave and preparing for the trip! It seemed like just yesterday when I got home from ArtFest and thought I had so much time. yipes!

Here's a PoppetTM commission I did for fellow artist and blogger,
Rachel. Isn't she a cutie!?

oh! Jelaine F. -- if you are out there... I still don't see your podcast submission in my email. I don't have your email address to contact you so if you are out there, please
email me! thanks!!

OK I have to go, I am now officially addicted to
Blow Out. That guy is a piece of work!
whoo hoo - you've crossed over to "team jonathan" his podcasts are pretty good, too. Are you still watching Top Chef? That Stephen! He always looks like he's smelling something stinky.
ok Claudine,
I'm trying to think what you'd say to us about a day like you had today!? However, I must add that an iffy day in the studio is better than a day spent cleaning and lining up house maitenance that will cost $$! So I'm jealous!

Don't know how you can stomach Jonathan! I tried and gave up, but have to admit my guilty displeasure in the gals from O.C. - gets hard to have folks ask you where you are from when you travel! yuck!

here is to a good day tomorrow!
i love that show
and jonathan is CRAZY
vut i love it
have looked at it since season one!
Got the message and resent my entry to the proper email address this time. Sorry about that! :o)
Oh my gosh! I love Blow Out! Jonathan bugs me but I can't stop watching. I just HAD to try his Dirt (after watching all his hissy fits about it) and it smells so gross it gave me a migraine.
Can't wait to see you in Dallas!
hey you guys. That Johanthan is a trip! We saw him on the Ali G Show. I always wonder when watching the show if he realizes that the show actually makes fun of him. I bet he watches it and thinks --- this is great! I'm great!! LOL!

I'm also watching Top Chef - that Stephen has got to go.

Speaking of TV -- Johnny Damon is on Martha right now, he was in Paul's year at our highschool. I was the year behind them. I am taping so Paul can see when he get's home from work! LOL!
Were you and Paul high school sweethearts? I suppose that is too forward to ask, but I just had to since you seem to be such a cute couple and you mentioned going to school together.

we went on a couple dates when I was in the 9th grade and he was in the 10th, then we met back up again after college. It's so fun because we have all this history to our relationship and we can gossip about people from highschool! LOL!
look, it's me in a PoppetTM! you have NO idea how thrilled i am to have this in my home! i'm one lucky girl and it's all your fault, a good thing of course! hugs!
I love it! She is adorable and so is your work!
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