i can't resist
For all you Blow Out fans... here's the video of Jonathan on the Ali G Show. If you haven't seen this, it's hilarious! Please note naughty language is used so you are forewarned!
Oh no...I'll bet those middle-easterners are shaking in their boots right now after hearing Jonathon's heavy threat....tee hee! Very funny....and on, so DEEP!
oh my GOD- THAT IS SO FUNNY!!!!they should use it on bravo, lol! thanks for making me laugh out loud. hmmmm.... frida had a mustache....
oh I know! I love --- "why do all the good people have long hair? and the bad people mustaches" LOL!
Oh my! Not exactly the brightest star in the sky is he... rather limited vocabulary. Reminds me of the college hockey team which used the "F" word 11 times in 60 seconds- noun, verb, adjective, adverb. It was amazing!
Now, when he says he'll take all the Middle Eastern "men" out, does he mean with a gun, or on a date?

My hubby says, "What a (insert feminine hygiene product here)!" He'd be too busy fussing over the wind and hot sun turning his coif into straw to notice he was surrounded by a militia of mustaches.

Although I agree with the assesment of long-haired individuals being fabulous. But then maybe my having hair down to my waist makes me slightly biased. ;o)

Ali G. is so awesome. I loved his comeback to the Kazakhstani government. Me and the hubby are awaiting a Yahoo news headline saying Ali G. was found dead in his home from mysterious circumstances, but something to do with horse urine. hee!
Why consult that philosophers of ancient time? Wisdom is found through Jonathan. Beware of those short haired folks... Wooooo...
But, you guys, Jonathan is ALL about the HAIR!! the HAIR! heh heh
Has anyone else noticed that every haircut that leaves his salon (no matter who does it!) looks the same?!
DH (an ex-detective) and I laugh 'til we cry watching that show.
I think Jonathan has a chemical imbalance. :)
I tried, I really did try to resist watching, but I couldn't...what a hoot! :)
Giggle giggle giggle...thanks for the link.
OMG, I heart Jonathan & Ali G, this is hilarious! Thanx!
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