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I am back and I feel like I got run over by a truck! Artfest was amazing and so much fun (as always!) but that red-eye home is a killer. Nina and I had a good day yesterday killing time. The day that ArtFest ends is the longest day in the world waiting for our late night flights. We checked out of ArtFest at 10am and then had breakfast and dawdled in Port Townsend.

Then we headed over to downtown Seattle with no destination in mind. We drove around until we found an area that looked like we wanted to get out. Upon seeing the Cheesecake Factory, Pottery Barn and J Crew I declared that we would be stopping here and Nina agreed. Both Nina and I discussed that we probably should have been adventuresome and seen parts of Seattle that don't consist of the same stores that we have at home, but we were both too tired to be frisky and safe chain type stores felt the way to go. We had
lunch and then decided to kill time by seeing a movie. We saw Thank You For Smoking which was hilarious and witty and a perfect way to spend two hours. After that the time flew and it we headed to the airport to wait for our 11:30pm flights.

My dad picked me up at the airport at 8am this morning (thank you, dad!) and as soon as I got home I got all ready for bed. I realized I had been up for 24 hours straight. No wonder I feel like I got hit by a semi.

Thank you my
wonderful husband for blogging for me while I was away!
Hiya! I've been lurkin' for sometime, but thought I would come out from the shadows for a minute.

My parents lived in Seattle for a few years and I loved going to Port Townsend when we would visit. Also, next time you're in Seattle, you've gotta do the Seattle Underground tour. It's so kewl!

Glad you got back safe. :-) Love your site and blog.
Love your work! Odd and charming and full of emotion. :-)
Oooh Welcome Back! I hope you will post lots of pictures from your trip!
welcome back!
Welcome home Claudine!!!Maybe I will get to go to Artfest next year!!! and I hope Paul bet on UF!!!!LOL
WELCOME HOME CLAUDINE! I say you deserve a few days of rest and relaxation after the past 3 jammed pack weeks. I look forward to pics from your classes.
Glad you got home safe and sound. Hope you will tell us a bit more about your adventures at Artfest, and how your vendor night went.
Why do they make you take an 11:30pm flight if you are done in the morning? I would refuse to teach unless they gave me a better departure time.

the teachers book and pay for their own flights. The red-eye is a pain but better than paying for a hotel for another night all I want to do is get home ASAP! :)
CAWWWWWWW! i miss you! follow the finger(quote from the ferry nazi) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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