that was fast
I can't believe how the time has flown! The Coupeville workshop ended today and it feels like it just got started. Here's a photo I took of myself in the studio's overhead demo-mirror. It was such a wonderful group of gals I am sad to say goodbye. I had a famous person in my workshop too -- Jennifer Louden of Martha Stewart Sirius radio and Body and Soul magazine. What a terrific down-to-earth and spunky person. It was a treat to meet her!

I have tomorrow off. I'll spend the morning sleeping in, then packing up the car to leave. Around lunch time I'll drive down and meet
Nina to pick her up and take her to Port Townsend. On Wednesday we'll check into ArtFest and then the whirlwind will start again!

Tonight I did a little laundry (hand washing) so now everything smells like lavender Suave shampoo, I can't tell if it smells good or not. Then I finished packing up PoppetTM
Sketches to sell at ArtFest. Here's a pic of them all spread out on my hotel bed, waiting to be mounted on matt board.


I hope you have a safe trip to Port Townsend!! It's great to have you in WA!!

Best Wishes!
Hi My name's Sofia and I'm from France, I've been reading your blog and books (especially the first one).
Just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful tips and for the beautiful works you make.
I love vintage and art nouveau, so I get inspired by this on my work, if you would like to have a look at it, it's here :
Thanks again, wish I could go to the artfest, maybe you'll come to Paris for a workshop someday :)
have fun and travel safely!
claudine, you ARE a famous person! but I didn't know Jennifer Louden did Martha Stewart Sirius radio... will have to look into that :)
safe travels and enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY!!! you lucky ducky! cheers to ya! rachel
I am laughing myself silly over here... famous schamous. I loved my weekend, and you are the bestest teacher and artist and inspirer. I learned lots and lots and will never forget to pet my transfers like a hamster!
WOW what a fab picture!!!
After this weekend I finally understand the use of an APRON!
Wishing i was on my way to artfest.
i love these. they are so neat.
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