closed on tuesday
I picked up Nina today, the poor girl had just flown all the way across the country and we spent forever trying to find a place to eat lunch. We tried to eat at a cute little place in Langley and everything was closed. It was like the whole town was shut down. So we ventured back to Coupeville so I could take her to the Knead and Feed to have more of their yummy bread and that was closed too! Why was everything closed on a Tuesday? We ended up back at Christopher's again and had their tomato basil soup. I swear they think I am crazy at that restaurant because I ate there every single night, and then I was back again.

On leaving Coupeville, we saw a bald eagle flying by right outside our car window! I was so surprised at seeing it, I shouted "it's a &#!@ eagle!!" Nina didn't believe me, saying "no it's not" but then she saw it too. It was amazing, just like the eagle on
The Colbert Report.

Tomorrow we're off to
ArtFest! I won't be able to post from there but if Paul has time he'll post some updates for me! See you April 4th!


Isn't WA funny with all it's different closed days? Silly! Have sooo much funat artfest!!
Claudine! have fun and know that your BEAUTIFUL works just arrived. We are so so so impressed and thrilled with your work... posting tomorrow with new photos of them at the site!
hugs and have fun at artfest!
Claudine, I'm so happy you got to see an eagle up's not uncommon up there, but so fun none the less. I hope you were able to see the tulip/daffodil fields as Beautiful, with a capital 'B'.

My friend is bringing your books to sign for me at Artfest, I hope you have fun! :)
hi-ya. i currently starting an art project and looking for relevant collage artists to research i stumbled upon you - thankfully. my initial ideas had been to do what you've done in many of your collages...which was to take an image...part of an image and then i'd fill in what was missing. but, i can't do that now *grump* but i was just wonder where you find the heads for your images...cause they're awesome! you've got some great stuff here! -christa
There is a restaurant we always try to go to in San Francisco on Tuesdays and we never remember Tuesday is the day they are closed. We now call the restuarant "Closed on Tuesday" so we remember.
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