guest blogger part 2: the sequel

Hi-ya gang! It's Paul, Claudine's hubby. I'll be substitute blogging again seeing as Claudine can't get an internet connection at ArtFest. Everyone better behave or else, or else, ummmm, hmmm, well nothing will happen, really! All I can do is put your name on the chalkboard and wait for Ms. Hellmuth to return Monday for class, errr blog posting! Speaking of our favorite artist, I just got a call from her. Boy, she's wiped out after a looooong day of teaching. The travel exhausts her but she always seems to find a way to summon enough energy and enthusiasm to teach. She's got tremendous spirit!
Tomorrow she teaches one her favorite classes "Beyond the Unexpected."
After class she has a quick break on then on to vending night. She will have a busy, busy day. She's having a good time with her friend Nina and enjoying hanging out with the students. Not much else to report but I'll keep ya'll posted!
Until next Heidi Klum would say "Auf Wiedersehen!"


closed on tuesday
I picked up Nina today, the poor girl had just flown all the way across the country and we spent forever trying to find a place to eat lunch. We tried to eat at a cute little place in Langley and everything was closed. It was like the whole town was shut down. So we ventured back to Coupeville so I could take her to the Knead and Feed to have more of their yummy bread and that was closed too! Why was everything closed on a Tuesday? We ended up back at Christopher's again and had their tomato basil soup. I swear they think I am crazy at that restaurant because I ate there every single night, and then I was back again.

On leaving Coupeville, we saw a bald eagle flying by right outside our car window! I was so surprised at seeing it, I shouted "it's a &#!@ eagle!!" Nina didn't believe me, saying "no it's not" but then she saw it too. It was amazing, just like the eagle on
The Colbert Report.

Tomorrow we're off to
ArtFest! I won't be able to post from there but if Paul has time he'll post some updates for me! See you April 4th!


that was fast
I can't believe how the time has flown! The Coupeville workshop ended today and it feels like it just got started. Here's a photo I took of myself in the studio's overhead demo-mirror. It was such a wonderful group of gals I am sad to say goodbye. I had a famous person in my workshop too -- Jennifer Louden of Martha Stewart Sirius radio and Body and Soul magazine. What a terrific down-to-earth and spunky person. It was a treat to meet her!

I have tomorrow off. I'll spend the morning sleeping in, then packing up the car to leave. Around lunch time I'll drive down and meet
Nina to pick her up and take her to Port Townsend. On Wednesday we'll check into ArtFest and then the whirlwind will start again!

Tonight I did a little laundry (hand washing) so now everything smells like lavender Suave shampoo, I can't tell if it smells good or not. Then I finished packing up PoppetTM
Sketches to sell at ArtFest. Here's a pic of them all spread out on my hotel bed, waiting to be mounted on matt board.


i made it!
I'm here in Coupeville, WA! Here's a photo of the view from my hotel. I am so spoilt teaching here at the Coupeville Arts Center, I walked in this morning and all the tables were set up with plastic already covering them. Usually I have drag tables around myself, so this was a wonderful luxury!

We had a great first day of
class and two more exciting days to go! Tomorrow night we're invited to a champagne and chocolate tasting at The Compass Rose and then we'll have a group dinner at a local restaurant called Christopher's Front Street Cafe.

Tonight I'll have a quick dinner than I have to work on some PoppetTM Sketches to sell at ArtFest. No rest for the weary.

Oh before I forget, here's a photo of my luggage! I meant to post this last night but I was just too tired. I polka dotted them myself using black gesso and a
sponge dauber. I don't know if I like them with that many polka dots, I think maybe I could give someone an elliptic fit seeing all those dots rolling toward them! Oh well too late now. At least no one will mistake my bags for theirs!


leaving home
I leave tomorrow super early in the morning. I'll have to get up at 4:45 to walk Toby and then head to the airport. blech.

Today was a mad rush to get all packed and ready and double checked to make sure I have everything. I concentrate so hard on making sure I have all the workshop supplies that I never have any clue what clothes I packed. I'll find out when I get there!

I am still not sure if my lap top will fit in my carry on, if it does I'll be able to blog while I'm in Coupeville. Once I get to ArtFest, there are no phone lines and no wireless connection so I won't be able to blog there. So
Paul will fill in for me again! If I can't bring lap top at all, Paul will fill in for the whole trip! He'll post updates every couple days when he can, he's super busy now he has a new job working for the online part of the paper.

Here's a photo of a 16x20 PoppetTM Canvas
commission that I shipped out today. What a sweet couple and you gotta love those cats!

OK see you from the road!


busy bee
Another super busy day. Even though I woke up with a migraine, I still managed to get everything done that I needed to do. I think I am building a tolerance to Imitrex because this headache today just would not go away. It's finally getting better but still here. Go away silly migraine!

The days leading up to traveling to teach a workshop are always nuts. So many things to get ready and double check. I got a lot of packing and shipping done today. I spent almost 3 hours packing up artwork to send out tomorrow.

Here's a PoppetTM Canvas commission that I just packed up of this cute little family on vacation at the beach. I'll be thinking of that sunshine when I'm in rainy WA state!

Tomorrow is my last day to pack and get ready because I'll be leaving very early Friday morning. Right now I think I'll relax and watch Top Chef, then off to bed!
laundry day
It's time to do the million loads of laundry that I always do before I leave on a trip. Since I'll be gone 10 days, I want to make sure I start with lots of clean clothes, then I can hand wash as needed on the road.

I've been getting a ton of work done today and no migraine! If I could be this productive every day just imagine what I could get done. I was up at 9am and I didn't go back to bed like I normally do (usually I sleep until 11am!) I was so proud of myself. I even watched
the episode with me on Carol Duvall while talking on the phone to my friend Missy. It was like pop-up Carol Duvall Show because I was narrating what I was really thinking and doing as the segment went along.

I got all my workbooks stapled and ready for
my classes next week, I mounted PoppetTM Sketches to sell at ArtFest AND I managed to get 6 artworks framed and ready to send to a gallery in NH. I just need to add the hanging hardware and pack them up tomorrow. I finished up two commissions and will try to get the rest that are in progress wrapped up before I leave. I hate to leave them for so long without finishing them, but I'd rather have them done right than rushed.

Whew, after listing all that I did, I realized why I am so tired tonight.
catch up day
I managed to get caught up on a lot of work, but still have far to go. I am leaving for WA to teach a workshop on Friday and I'll be gone for 10 days, so much to do! Yipes. I am in "headless chicken mode" trying to get everything done before I leave.

Here's the cover of an altered pop-up book that I did for a friend's book. I created a story around me as a little girl and the bulldog that we had. I had to finish it all up and send it overnight today, and I made it just in the nick of time.

I've been working on PoppetTM Sketches to sell when I teach at the Coupeville
Arts Center and at Artfest. I have a few more to go before I think I'll have enough.

While I was working on them I was thinking about a conversation we had while at the Whipple's on Friday night. Paul and I were talking to Matthew, he was saying that he doesn't date his work anymore when he signs it because he noticed people don't want to buy the ones that are a year or so old. I have noticed the same thing when selling the PoppetTM Sketches and have stopped dating them unless they are created on commission. Interesting to think about.
my aching head
I have had a migraine for the better part of yesterday and today. ugh.
I wish it would go away because:
1) it hurts really bad
2) it's making it hard to get stuff done
I'm going to get an early night and hope tomorrow will be headache free.
babies everywhere
Lot's of baby stuff going on this week. I met my friend Heather's new baby girl Elena on Wednesday. She was very cute and small, only 5 weeks old.

Tomorrow I'll be going to my sister in-law's baby shower for her second child. I still have to wrap the presents and I hope I have enough wrapping paper, these baby items are so big.

Paul and I had a great time at the
Winter Park Art Festival today. We were only there for a little bit after Paul got off from work, but we managed to visit all of our favorite artists.

We saw our friends Lynn and John Whipple and went to a party at their house after the show. They have a beautiful home on the lake, we even saw herons nesting with their babies and an osprey catch a fish! It was like our own episode of Wild Kingdom.
me on HGTV
I took a peek at the HGTV web site and I see they will be playing my second Carol Duvall Show taping again! yay! It is scheduled to air Tuesday, March 21 at 9:00am.

This is episode that I demonstrate xerography printing techniques from my second book, Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected -- if you missed it the first time, check it out!

This afternoon Paul and I will be be going to the Winter Park Art Festival. I look forward to it every year, so I am excited!


I am watching America's Next Top Model as I type this. I don't know if this season will be any good. Right now they are at the makeover episode and all complaining about their styles. We'll see!

Just a regular old day today,
worked on stuff and have to pack it all up to ship out tomorrow. I hate the packing and shipping part, but it must be done! I tried having my postman pick up my orders the other day when I was shipping them out, and he was grumpy about it, I don't think he liked leaving his truck and coming to the door to get the packages. So I think I'll go back to dropping off at the post office.

Here's a PoppetTM Sketch
commission that I finished up and am packing up to ship out tomorrow. These kids are so sweet. I love the expression on the little boy's face!

I'm giving an online chat tonight for members of
Variazione so I'd better go get ready for that.
it's tuesday!
Another day catching up on things and working on commissions. Here's a PoppetTM Sketch commission that I just finished up of these cute ladies.

I decided to change out one of the walls in my studio. I used to hang my finished artworks there but then I realized it makes me not want to sell them if I put them on display, because I get attached.

So I thought I'd change out the wall and make it an inspiration wall with a new bulletin board that I ordered.

It's HUGE!

Now I have to get some fancy tacks for it. Or maybe I can make some with those glass beads. Yeah right, I'll never get around to doing that.

I saw
this desk at Target and now I am lusting it. It would be the perfect desk for my studio. But then maybe I would be afraid to get it all painty if I get such a nice table. I guess I could cover the top with plastic. I'll have to measure and see if it fits.
nurse claudine
Yesterday Paul and I went over to our niece's house to learn how to administer medicine for her diabetes. Maiya is almost 6 years old and she was diagnosed with type1 diabetes at age 4. My sister in law is about to have another baby (in 5 weeks!), Paul and I need to learn how to care for Maiya when the new baby is being born. This is also good stuff for us to know anyway incase of an emergency.

Many people get type1 diabetes and type2 mixed up and think that diabetes means that you need to drink orange juice after a workout or have a candy bar, but with type1 it is much more serious than that.

Maiya has to be kept to a very strict schedule of blood checks and shots. She gets her blood checked 5 times a day and shots 3 times a day. Paul and I learned how to fill the syringes with insulin and then we practiced giving each other shots with saline. Those of you who know me, know that I am super squeamish. Even the mention of blood can send me into a dizzy spell. So I was really proud of myself that I was able to give the shot to Paul. All it took was to think of Maiya having to get this done 5 times a day (every single day!), and I could steel my nerves. Maiya is one brave little girl!

We still have a lot to learn so that we'll be ready to care for her when the new baby is being born, but we are practicing filling the syringes every night and trying to memorize her schedule so that everything will go as smoothly as possible. If you'd like to learn more about juvenile diabetes here's a link to the
JDRF web site.
comic relief
I've been super busy yesterday and today, taking a quick break for a cute 'n cuddly cat attack.
long day
This morning I had a great session with my coach. She always has a way of figuring out just what I need to talk about. I think she really has ESP and just hasn't told me about it.

I had a long day in the studio. It always amazes me how tired I am after 4 or 5 hours working. So many decisions exhaust my brain. This color or that color, this photo or that photo etc etc...

Tonight I watched Maria Full of Grace on HBO. It was a good movie, but I spent the whole time watching it all hot and sweaty just thinking about her swallowing all those drugs. Definitely, not a good movie to snack to.

Paul and I are thinking we might end up watching that cooking show on Bravo after all. They have some pretty outrageous personalities and I think it's going to be pretty interesting. That one guy they kicked off this week was totally crazy! I don't think I'll be as hot for it as Project Runway, but it could be good.
it's a miracle!
Paul and I grew our own food! Well it is just one teeny tiny strawberry, but it's a start, and we ate it and it actually tasted good! We planted tomato and strawberry plants a few months ago and they are starting to bear fruit to our amazement (we do not have green thumbs).

Tonight we took the strawberry and ceremoniously cut it in half and each took a bite.

Maybe one day we'll have enough for a whole shortcake or at the very least to each have our own strawberry.
last walk down the runway
Yay!! I am so excited that Chloe is the winner of Project Runway! I don't know what to say!

I had resigned myself to Santio winning. Then tonight when I saw that first dress in his collection, I was SURE he was going to win. It was so lovely. I really thought his collection was great in the end, and found it interesting that they penalized him for toning down his look.

I felt sorry for Daniel, but I wasn't rooting for him as much as I was Chloe, I was hoping she would win since day one. And even though I didn't like her collection I think they chose the best person. She has business smarts and design sense.

Now I am sad it is all over, what will I do with my Wednesday nights? I don't know if I'll watch that cooking show they are using to replace Project Runway. I did hear that PR was signed for a 3rd season, so we'll have next year to look forward to!
studio pets
I heard from the Tampa Tribune and they said I could share a couple of the photos they took yesterday with you. yay!

Here's one of me and Maggie in the studio. Maggie is lounging on my art table (like she usually does while I am working) and playing with one of my paintbrushes. She likes to "help" me work. Usually by laying across a freshly painted canvas and then tracking little acrylic paint paw prints around the house. You might notice she has no tail. She had to have it removed because it was damaged when we found her as a little tiny 4 week old kitten. So now she looks like a little bear.

Here's another pic on my Flickr account of Toby and I in the studio, Mabel was too shy to come out and have her pics taken!

We're off to the Tax accountant today. Stressful! I'm making sure I bring
Imitrex with me, incase of a migraine which is highly likely. At least I have Project Runway tonight to perk me up!
where does the day go?
What a busy day - the time just flew away! The photoshoot went well. Thank you for all your well wishes! We did manage to get a couple photos with the furkids included.

Maggie climbed up on my art table while I was "working" and they got some shots of her lounging while I "created". Which was great because that's what she does normally anyway and they said they wanted it to be natural!We got Toby in one of the photos and I hope they use it, he even had is tongue out which made it extra cute! If I can get permission from the photographer I'll post the Maggie and Toby pics later this week.

After the photoshoot, I worked on
commissions and other things that need to get done. Here's a PoppetTM Sketch commission that I finished up of a cute lady and her granddaughters.

I'm looking forward to
The Amazing Race tonight. I discovered I have "six-degrees of separation" from a contestant on this season. My good friend Martha's boyfriend Larry, has a niece (Yolanda) who is on the show! Of course, now I am totally rooting for Yolanda and Ray to win!
packing and cleaning
Spent today packing up supplies to ship out for my next workshop in Coupeville WA.

I'll be out there almost two weeks because after I teach at the Coupeville Arts Center, I have two days off and then I teach at ArtFest. So lots of stuff to send ahead! I weighed the box I packed and it's 40lbs. and I probably have another one to send too!

I also cleaned and got my studio ready for the photoshoot tomorrow. A photographer from the Tampa Tribune magazine, Flair, is coming to take photos of me "at work" in the studio for an article.

Oh boy! You'd think I'd be really excited, but I am a little bit nervous about it.

I have never had an "outside person" (non-friend or family member) come and see my "studio" which is actually my formal living room. When I think about them coming and seeing my art and workspace, I get a little knot in my tummy. I guess I feel kind of shy about it.

Well I'd better get an early night. I want to clean the house a little bit before they come to make a good impression!

quick collage podcast #3
The third "quick collage podcast" is here!

The "quick collage podcast" is art challenge in which I make a collage in 20 minutes around a theme that Paul reveals to me moments before we start the clock.

The theme for this episode is "hurt."

Ready to listen? Click here now!
Or use the player below:

powered by ODEO

After you've listened to the podcast, click here to see the finished artwork.

We thought it would fun to invite other artists to join in to see how many variations on the same theme could be created. Click here to see a Flickr photo set of their submissions. If you've haven't made your artwork yet, or didn't get it into us in time - don't worry! You can still send it in. Just email your artwork around the theme of "hurt" to Paul, and we'll post it.

Thank you to all who participated this time, it was so much fun to see what you made! If you'd like to play along in the next podcast, stay tuned to my blog, we'll post directions here.

Click here to learn how subscribe and you'll get updates when new podcasts come along.

smooth sailing
Another busy day, working on commissions. I've also been helping my friend Bernie with her blog. Bernie runs her own grassroots animal rescue and she is an amazing gal. I've been tinkering with her blog to make it more functional and easier for people to donate supplies to her, but those LiveJournal templates are a nightmare, so need more time to fiddle.

Paul and I had a relaxing evening watching
Project Runway re-runs I can hardly wait for the finale on Wednesday. The suspense is killing me!

Last call for artwork for the new podcast!
Here's how to play. We'll need all submissions by Sunday night because we want to post it on Monday. Thanks to everyone who has sent work in! It is so much fun to see all the variations on the same theme.
time flies!
Wow, I'm up late! It's already Saturday as I am posting this! Where did the day go? Seems like it was just lunch time and now it's late.

Got a lot of work done today, here's a PoppetTM Sketch
commission that I shipped out today. I love the way this little guy is peeking out behind her skirt.

Paul got free tickets from his work to Stars on Ice. So we thought, we like ice skating -- let's go and see what's it like.

It was kind of odd
. Scott Hamilton was videotaped and then played on these large TV screens narrating the show as if he was really there. I hate fakey narration stuff like that. I would have preferred some no-name person announcing the skaters. It could have been better if they had just let the skaters skate instead of making them act out silly scenarios along with Scott Hamilton's disembodied head and trying so hard to be funny. I felt sorry for them, they are such amazing athletes and performers and now they are being made to act silly and skate to Meatball's "I would do Anything for Love" which is stuck in my head and it won't go away. The whole time we were there I was thinking about VH1's Awesomely Bad Love Songs, I think the soundtrack to Stars on Ice came directly from VH1's love song line-up.

Still it was fun to see the stars skate and I got out of the house, so that was good!

Thanks to
Art Esprit for the great review of my artwork! They also asked me to send some work in for their gallery in NH. yay!
busy, busy
It's been a busy day answering emails, and working on commissions. I also have a project for a friend's book that I am working on too - an altered pop-up book - which is WAY harder than I thought it would be, but isn't that always the way?

Here's a 9x12 PoppetTM Canvas
commission that I just shipped out of scrapbooking megastar, Donna Downey. She put it up on her blog, and oh boy was that great for me! So many people read her blog, they came here and asked me to do commissions. yay! I am forever grateful. Thanks Donna!

In other exciting news, the
Tampa Tribune is doing an article on me for their magazine, Flair. They are coming to take photos of me at work in my studio on Tuesday. I am really glad I cleaned out my studio a couple months ago, but now I am hoping it looks "arty" enough and they won't be disappointed when they see it. I'd love it if Toby and the cats can work their way into at least one of the photos.

Thanks to all who have sent in submissions for the podcast. There's still time to play.
Here's how! We'll be posting the new podcast on Monday.
poppetTM scrapbooking is here!
This just in.... the PoppetTM Scrapbooking/Stamp line is now available for purchase online at the Lazar StudioWERX retail store! yipppeee!

If you know of a scrapbooking store that is interested in carrying the line, there is wholesale information too!
runway time
Random thoughts from this weeks episode of Project Runway.

I thought it was ironic that just after Santio gets done saying he's learned from watching the show to be nicer, he points out that Chloe's collection looks like a "couch is walking towards you." But I kind of agree, the sleeves are SO big on those clothes!! I really don't like it. I was rooting for Chole, but now I am doubtful she'll win.

Poor Daniel, Tim saying that his purses looked liked they were made in wood shop! Daniel seems really confident. I still think he might win, but my friend Brian emailed me that there is much speculation that Santio is the winner... apparently, Santio was on Regis and Kelly and Regis was asking him what he was going to do with all the money.... hmmmm.

I really felt for all of them when Tim told them they had to design a whole new look to be included in their collection. Seems like they had enough stress just getting everything ready. I would have started crying too!

Interesting choice by Chloe to choose Diana to help her with her final look. I thought for sure she would choose Kara or Emmett, Diana doesn't seem to be the kind of a person who is a "take charge girl" and that's what you need when you are getting last minute help.

I can hardly wait until next week!!

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