send a valentine card!
Tomorrow is the big day! Send your special person an exciting ride on the Love Boat with Toby and Maggie with my Valentine ecard!

A note to those of you sending cards to AOL email addresses.

AOL has blocked my postcard program from sending to AOL members. What most likely happened is someone using AOL received one of my cards and pressed the "this is spam" button and now it's blocked. I am working on getting it unblocked but it probably won't happen in time for Valentine's day :( I can't even begin to tell you how annoying this is.

All other ISPs can receive the cards just fine -- this only effects AOL email addresses.
Claudine I can not believe aol has been such a pain for you lately - ugh! What fantastic timing on their part!! I hope it gets worked out fast.
On the plus side your blog looks great and everything is lining up just perfect now. [ =

oh I know! I spent about two hours yesterday messing my blog template, i hated that it looked bad in firefox and ok in IE. sheesh this web stuff is maddening.
I love that card! I laugh every time I see your dog's cute! He looks sort of zany next to the serious face of the cat. Very much a mood-booster!

hee hee! I love that card too. it's funny because in real life Toby is the serious (well actually grumpy) one and maggie is the total goof ball.
I guess you never know what's going on in a relationship unless you're in it!
AARGH!!! Curses on AOL for interfering with my Valentines! I love your ecards; thank you for creating these fresh greetings, and for your efforts to overcome internet annoyances!
Wishing you internal warmth on Valentine's Day...from sunny So. Cal.!
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