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Oh where to start?! Santio, Daniel and Chloe are "in" and Kara is the one that is out. What a great episode!

I actually really liked Santio's dress until he started putting all those gold bits on it. How hilarious was it when Tim told Santio that his dress looked like something worn at a Renaissance festival!? hee hee! I giggled with delight.

I agreed with Tim about Chloe's design -- I was worried her dress would make the model's behind look big -- but it turned out beautiful even though Michael Koors called her dress "underwhelming." It was not a surprise that Daniel won the challenge, how many has he won? Six of them? Maybe more.

That was horrible how both Kara and Daniel told the judges that Chloe should be the one to leave, she said she felt backstabbed and I thought she had every right to feel that way.

The only reason I could think for Daniel to tell the judges Chloe should be out was that he thought he'd have a better chance of winning against Santio and Kara so maybe it was a strategic move ah-la Survivor. Still it was nasty of him and just when I was really starting to root for him.

Looks like next week is just a reunion episode (should be juicy), so we'll have to wait until March 1st for the finale. Oh the suspense!

I can not wait to watch
Project Jay next week, I *heart*Jay. He is so totally funny. And I loved him even more when he told Santio "I hope you get canned."
I agree with your whole review, Claudine! I KNEW Santino would be going because the producers just LOVE him! I figured last week that Kara would be out...

Can't wait to see Project Jay!!! He's too cool!
I've been reading recaps on another forum for PR, and one poster renamed Santino, "SantEgo". Ha!!! Got a good laugh out of that one.
P.S. Santino's dress should have gotten him booted had the other three not been so boring. It looked like Studio 54 vomitted all over that poor model. Brutal, in my opinion. Just brutal.
sigh, I so don't believe that Santino should be here. ick shouldn't have been canned.. but Santino and his hopefully ultimate loss is what keeps us all watching.

I was kind of disappointed that he 3 played it so safe when this was supposed to be the signature piece to a collection! HOW on earth did Kara think that that dress would represent her whacky collection. I am sorry, I LAUGHED when I saw it. And what is up with not hemming the dresses?!

Anyway, I am looking forward to Project Jay ( love him) and the reunion looks like it might be fun too.
Argh! I couldn't stay up to watch it last night. I'm so sad about Kara being out after seeing her fashion week collection. Hopefully I'll have time to watch tonight. Daniel keeps surprising me - he's not at all the nice guy he seemed to be at first. Maybe he'll fit in well in the cut-throat fashion industry.
I can't wait for the reunion episode either!
Santino's dress was just icky but I don't think Kara really belonged there either. I thought Daniel's dress was beautiful! It seens like clean lined and classic would be his signature style I thought...
Don't even get me started on Satan-ego! Though Daniel seems to be the most centered and confident and deservedly so because as Tim might say "he makes it work", I've been rooting for Chloe because she's a Houstonian (so am I). But it totally bothered me when she started wimping out about not really knowing if she wanted it because it's such hard work. Maybe that's why Daniel & Kara said she should be the one to go becasue they listened to her whine about it. All I can say is if they give it to "Santan-ego" I am going to throw something at my TV!! ~Sharon
I do not like Santino... but the other 3 dresses were so BORING!! (can these people buy any color but dark solid?) the only thing that kept me awake was the caffiene from supper.

And at this moment I fear that Santino has a chance of winning.

I'm figuring that Daniel and Kara used Chloe's line about not sure she wanted it to eliminate her. Kara was just "dancing as hard as she could" to keep up.
I've got to admit I agree with the judges. I was underwhelmed. I certainly wouldn't pay thousands of dollars for any of the dresses they produced last night. They were fine, but not worth the money couture demands. I've got to think the only reason Santino is still in it because no one has really stepped out as a dominant, innovative force (not even Daniel V. winning multiple challenges). The designs just seem like a snooze. (Of course this is coming from someone who can't sew to save her life!) Maybe they don't want anyone to dominate so it is anyone's guess as to who will win. I'm just not blown away by anything that they've made so far. Of course, I'm still watching it every week because I'm hooked just the same, so what does that say for me :^)?
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