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I took a peek at the HGTV web site and I see they will be playing my first Carol Duvall Show taping again! yay!

It is scheduled to air Wednesday, March 1 at 9:30am.
This is episode that I demonstrate beeswax collage techniques from my first book, Collage Discovery Workshop -- if you missed it the first time, check it out!

Speaking of TV, we had that Jennifer Love Hewitt psychic show (where she communicates with dead people) on tonight, for about 5 very long minutes. My goodness what a horrible cheesy show that is! Just imagine how annoying would it be if you were dead and the only person you could talk to was ---Jennifer Love Hewitt. *shudder*

Thanks for all the tips on our NYC visit! Mucho appreciated!


You have a nice looking blog!
Thank goodness you said out loud what I have been thinking since that show's inception. (gads) I do like Medium though =) and Grey's Anatomy =)
Boston Legal is another great show. Trouble is it doesn't capture the young demographic so hope it doesn't get cancelled. Love Grey's Anatomy as well.
i'm a fan of grey's anatomy too. good show. i never watched Boston legal but my mom loves it!
Ouch! I watch Ghost Whisperer 'cause the husband is so cute... LOL
It is sappy but I like sappy sometimes.
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