i like new york in ... may
Paul and I will be going to NYC in May for a short visit.

We'll be there checking out the Surtex licensing show, the NY Stationery Show and also having a little vacation! It's been forever since I've been to NYC, any suggestions on things we must see? We are trying to get tickets to The Daily Show or maybe Issac. I want to see Blue Man Group, but Paul's not sure about it. I think he's turned off because whenever he see's the blue men he thinks of Tobias from Arrested Development and now he can't get it out of his head. Has anyone seen it? Is it good?

Other than looking up NYC hotels and air fares, I've been working on commissions, and tackling the pile of work that built up while I was away. I'm seeing the end in sight!
Blue Man Group is AWESOME! I'm dying to see it again. Do go if you can, although if I had to chose between that and a taping of The Daily Show, I admit it would be a struggle.
I vote for seeing Isaac - that would be so fun! This is one of my fav places to stay in the city: and this is one of my favorite places to go for coffee, light lunch, decadent dessert, and people watching is within walking distance (just about 2 blocks) from the Thompson. The name is something like Schaussman's or Schauffman's. I can never find it on the web, and the font they use on their business cards & sign is just not legible to me - it's very scripty. Anyway, the place is like a giant open warehouse space, and it's furnished with all this old living room furniture and dining room furniture (think couches and chaises and mismatched tables and chairs) and always has large scale amazing art. And such a great vibe. There are these large stone chairs in the front that are shaped like lounge chairs, but they're solid. Anyway, if you want more New York ideas, lemme know.
Anyone I know who's ever seen the Blue Man Group LOVES it without question! A totally fun experience I hear.
Our favorite restaurant in NYC is in Chelsea and it's called Cafeteria - open 24 hours. If you google it you can get directions. Delectable food, looks fancier than it is, wonderful, friendly vibe in there and not too expensive.
For cool stores you should go to ABC Home & Carpet just to drool over the floor displays. It's off of Union Square (Cafeteria is near Union Square as well)
Have fun, I'm jealous!
thanks for all the info guys! This is really great!
hi all

I'm looking at hotels. NYC is very pricey! Any suggestions on a nice place to stay that is under $300 a night?

right now I'm looking at the 4Point Sheraton in Chelsea. I guess I could do hotwire but I hate that you don't know the hotel name before you book.

any suggestions?
Go see the Blue Man Group - the experience is awesome and definitely a treat for the senses!

Try the website for hotel prices that a reasonable.
how exciting claudine! a woman a ran into at boutique recently was selling a line of cards and says that she goes to the NY Stationery Show every year - lucky ducky! Does this mean we might see you awesome designs somewhere else too - tee, hee!!! Enjoy! Happy weekend!
blech! i need to pay more attention to my spelling - oops!
Have fun at the shows! I've plans to go in the hopefully in the future...always great chances ahead!
Is good to share spaces...i might need to share it with someone illustrator/or artist when the time come.

this year is just for scouting out possibilities, then hopefully will have a booth at Surtex in 2007. it's mega expensive, but worth it from what I can tell.

I totally want to get my Poppet(tm) art on stationery and other stuff so that's the place to do it I hear.

we'll see! this is is just to scope it all out though and see what's involved! I'm excited!
Hi Claudine, Jood here (still hacking) I highly recommend you see the Broadway show "Wicked" if you like musicals at all. It's the story of the Wizard of Oz from the view of the Wicked Witch of the West. (Book by the same name) I'm betting it will delight you and stir up your artistic side. Meanwhile, I just located Elmer's Clear Caulk. yay! jood
hey claudine - I went to the stationery show with my sis two year ago. We stayed at a place in Tribeca called the Cosmopolitan. It was pretty reasonable and very clean. Not very close to the Jacob Javits center though. Subway and then a walk.
Ohh - hard choice!! I don't know what I would choice. . .The Daily Show swoon.
I would have to say the museum in Harlem was fantastic when we were there. Museum.
Oh, if you can get a special rate or something, stay at any of the 'W' hotels. I really enjoy them.

Almost forgot...I would *love* to see Issac - OMG! I can see him saying, 'Clap for Claudine everyone'.


Oh, and for stores, check out my blog, right column beneath ny. new york city and ny. brooklyn. Fun stores!

Oh, and please go to the MOMA!

I must be the wierdo just... saw the Blue Man Group in LV and didn't like it at all... almost too much sensory overload and strangeness. But I guess that's what makes us all special...individual taste!

I visited NYC for the very first time (from CO) this fall (during the 9 days of monsoon rain) and LOVED IT....never thought I would but I did! Would die to go the the stationery show...
one of these days!!

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