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I was bouncing around the internet and found the design collections for Project Runway's last 4 designers, Chloe, Daniel, Santio, and Kara. From what I understand, they have to put all 4 of them in the New York Fashion Week so no one is tipped off who is in the final three. Click here to see their collections! Use the "more collections" pull down at the top of the page to see the others'.

I thought Daniel's final collection was the most classic and wearable, lot's of browns and neutrals. Chloe's didn't wow me, I did NOT like all the puffy sleeves she used. Santio's was nice with lots of flowy dresses, man does he like the empire waistline, he uses it in almost everything. Still it's hard to tell from only internet photos, I can't wait to see the final episodes!

So now my bet is on Chloe, Kara and Daniel in the final three with Daniel as the winner. But who knows!

Here's a fun quiz to see which Project Runway season 2 designer you are. Here's who I am - gasp!

You are Andrae:
You're a visionary and people see that right away; however, you tend to be too sensitive and under pressure you crack (or mumble incoherently through tears and laughter). You have a kind soul and giving spirit. You may be too sensitive for the rags game.

And the sad part is that is pretty darn accurate! LOL!
Just took the quiz. I'm Santino -scream!
I'm Kara. I suppose I'll have to get the sex change this week...sigh...sorry claudine! :)
you guys are too funny - and Paul you have the best sense of humor!

the quiz says i'm Andrae - do you think he is a Sagittarian too?

love seeing the Runway designs for Fashion Week - thanks Claudine! I've been thinking a lot about black and white ideas - so enjoyed Daniel's. Kara needs to be zapped for "channeling" Jay- bet she made the hats?! Will be interesting to see it all on the show and how it shakes out!

glad to have you back Claudine!
Glad you're back! (but really enjoyed the substitute blogger while you were away - a fun treat) You found good stuff on the internet! I went right away and looked at the collections. Forget this anticipation stuff - I want to know who wins - right now. Argh. Hate waiting. I was completely surprised to discover that I preferred Kara's collection. And I took the quiz after and I'm most like Kara. Weird.
yeah I was surprised to see I liked Kara's too, I am torn between Kara's and Daniel's. It will be fun to see it this week on TV, I hope they don't do one of those "catch up" episodes and make us wait.
I'm Daniel V:

You are Daniel V.:
You're young, fresh and new. You've got a quiet sensibility and know how to listen to your client. People like your modern style and edge. You listen well and execute perfectly. You're going to go as far as you want. It doesn't hurt that you look like you should be fronting a band.

Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! (haughty gloating ensues)
I liked kara's too! I don't really like her stuff on the show but her stuff was great. I really like Chole on the show but her collection screams, MOLLY RINGWALD IN PRETTY IN PINK. It's way awful!
oh! hee hee! I totally see the Molly Ringwald - Chloe's collection resemblance! LOL! that is too funny.
I got Daniel V. as well. Unfortunately, I am nothing like him, except when he made his snippy little comments to the judges after the Chloe makeover (that would most likely be me!)As an aside, I loved his feathered hair thing on the runway last week-Clearly, I am a child of the 70s/80s!

Thanks for the collection link. As much as I hate to say it, I LOVED Santino's line, I thought the color was beautiful, I thought the first dress was gorgeous! I'd buy it (if I had that kind of cash) but then again, Santino would probably come with it and that would ruin the whole effect!
Teehee! You all are cracking me up. I spent my lunch hour surfing for other blogs about PW and found so many funny entries! I totally see the Molly Ringwald influence in Chloe's collection - not a good thing. And I'd almost forgotten about Daniel's snippy comments to the judges - I wonder what else he thinks and doesn't say?!
Daniel is probably one of those people who walks softly and carries a big stick. That actually gives him a distinct advantage because he stays under the radar, avoiding being pegged or having others approach him with any negative presumptions. He can slip in and totally blow you away with a design and none of what he does has to make up for anything, unlike Santino. LOL
Fun Quiz, I'm Kara:You are Kara:
You're an underdog. You manage to stay in the game

be remaining
quiet and going un-noticed. Slow and steady wins

the race for you, but if someone tries to

screw you over, you'll snip their pee-pee

For the collections:
I liked some from each but didn't like everything in any one of them. I'm just hoping that the winner isn't Santino... He's so creepy.
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