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I woke up today feeling like I got hit by a truck. Totally exhausted. It hasn't helped that it is nasty and rainy here, which just makes me want to sleep even more. I don't know how people live in Seattle and stay awake. Rain makes me sleepy.

I've been tackling my mountain of email today and slowly working my way down to a manageable amount. It is always scary opening my email after a long trip, I want to answer every email personally, but it does take a long time!

I've got a long to-do list of commissions, and other work -- tomorrow I'll get started on all of that.

I've also got a big stack of PoppetTM Sketches that I didn't sell at Art & Soul. We'll be scanning those and putting those up for sale. And the workshop photos too! Gotta get those on to Flickr.

Ok back to work for me!

I'm watching Airplane to entertain me while I answer email. My favorite lines are "What kind of plane is it? "....... "Oh, it's a big pretty white plane with red stripes, curtains at the windows, wheels, and it just looks like a big Tylenol. "

Maybe it is raining as a gentle reminder to take time to relax, sleep and let the overload of emails and work slumber too.
Welcome Home, welcome rain! Welocme Tylenol!
I can't wait to see the Poppetâ„¢ sketches!
I Ti-Vo'd the Carol Duvall show...that was a great technique! So easy! I look forward to trying it out.
I get what you mean about the weather. We are being buried by snow right now; so I'm happy to snuggle with a blanket and hot chocolate and just plain not do anything.
Airplane has some of the best lines in it. I have to see that movie again! I love your new poppets scrapbook stuff. Keep up the good work!
Glad you are back, Claudine. Like the poster above, perhaps you should sleep away the jet lag and let the other stuff wait a day.
I tivo'd the Carol Duvall show, too and went out to buy a new brayer, 'cause mine is lost somewhere in the house, and a tube of oil paint, plus a bunch of other stuff. Somehow the oil paint didn't make it into my bag of goodies so I need to dig into the studio to find some. It looks like fun.
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