come play along!
Paul and I just taped a new Quick Collage Podcast and just like last time, we'd like you to play along too!

The Theme for this Podcast is: "hurt"

Here's how to play:
make an artwork around the theme of "hurt".

Create a JPG of your finished piece and a write a little sentence or two about your thoughts while working on the piece, send it all to Paul by Sunday March 5th and we'll post them up the day we air the podcast!

Remember to keep the focus on working fast and having fun! The Quick Collage Podcasts are all about the process, not the final product!

See if you can do it in 20 minutes - if it takes you longer we'll never know!
Ooh! Yay! I love the podcasts. The Quick Collages are like the art version of sports!
a great topic for what i'm going through right now! i think i'll challenge myself on this one! i'm off to collage! thanks claudine!!!
Hi Claudine,
O.k im in on this one! Hey i never found out who go the boot last week on PRW???
I wish i had some pictures of last nights Olympic Ice Dancing pairs competition. They would be perfect for this topic!

yay! thanks for playing! Can't wait to see it!
claudine xxxox
Funny you should use this title. I have had an idea in my head for this very thing based on the Johnny Cash song Hurt. I will do my best to finish in 20 minutes, but creating quickly is a BIG challenge for me!

we used that Johnny Cash song at the end of the podcast. LOL!
so glad you want to play :)
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