nice day to be outside
It was such a great day today (sunny and 74) it was too good to be inside. Paul and I went to play putt-putt. We met up with Paul's twin and his wife and daughter and played a round of 18 holes. Ahhh this is why we live in Florida - miniature golf in January. Never mind the hurricanes.

I uploaded the photos of the studio cleaning frenzy -- here's the link. I don't know if they fully show the mess that it was "before" but you'll get the idea.

Now it's back to work for me, I have lots of artwork to get done but it's been good taking this short break, I feel more refreshed and now that the studio is clean I feel like I can work even better than before.
Thsts the reason we live in the desert, though i long to move closer to all of my family( 5 more yrs)
HEy, that is a golf outfit! Have you given any thought to desgning a line =)

Im off to see your "before and after" in hopes f getting inspiiiiiiired!
woohoo! now get to work on my poppet sketch!
heehee..just kidding! :)
i can't get over how much your maggie looks like my maggie...what a cute little coincidence.
Claudine, Your studio looks great! Bright and cheery too... but I have to tell ya' certainly don't win a prize for the messiest "before" studio... I got ya' beat. I had planned to try cleaning and organizing this week but quickly realized it just wasn't happening with my two little guys under foot! My kindergartener goes back tomorrow and my preschooler is back three days a week starting Wednesday morning so there's light at the end of the tunnel for me too!
Angie in AZ
Hooray for you -- it looks great! I'm trying to get organized this week, too. I wish I had a week to devote to cleaning my studio with no other distractions! But I know if I keep at it I'll be rewarded with a surge of creative energy... something about having all my art supplies in order gets those juices flowing!
amanda -- my studio is in our formal living room, so any room can be a studio!

Hope you enjoy the book, which one did you the get, the first book or the second book?
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