great for kids too
I just got probably the best compliment ever, that a 5 year old enjoys my DVDs. There is no harder audience to please than children so I am very proud.

Here is what her mommy wrote to me:

"You probably remember that I have a daughter,she'll be 5 in January. Anyway, I got both of your DVD's and she absolutely loves watching them with me. She takes them very seriously and is starting talk "Claudine."

The other day she was attempting to make her version of a PoppetTM and she said "Everyone needs a pocket" You say that in one of your projects on the DVDs. She is now doing "techniques" when she paints and she likes the brown color she painted because it looks "old with layers of paint". She LOVES to blot!

When we watched it the other day she would not let me skip over the peeling paper technique and when it got to the caulking transfer she said "Oh yeah, this is the one where she pours water on it to find the picture" By the way, she hasonly seen it two or three times. The funniest thing is that I think she thinks it is live because she always asks what you'll be wearing inthe DVD and if you are wearing that today at your house."
what a lucky little girl to have a clever mummy who is already encouraging her to love art. I used to cover the kitchen floor with plain paper when Claudine was very little, then let her loose with finger paints. She loved to see her hand and foot prints and to splash the colors around to make designs. At the end of the day, I just rolled up the paper.

If this message has already appeared, forgive me. I need blogging lessons.
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