the day after
Christmas is over and now it's time to clean up. We had a great time, I got a new PJ set along with assorted gift certificates and Paul got Sirius radio. Toby had a yummy day eating way too much chicken at Christmas dinner.

Today Paul and I went to go see Syriana, it was good, but I think I need to see it again to fully understand it.

Paul has off work through Wednesday so I think I'll take a few days off too (and try not to feel guilty). I want to use the time to try to organize my studio a little bit better. Do any of you know a file system for 12x12 papers? Do they make folders or cabinets for papers that size?
try searching for 'cropper hopper' -- I don't have any of their products, but I have seen them advertised and I do believe they have something for 12x12 papers. happy organizing :)
Oops, forgot to say * Merry Christmas! *
The Container Store has 12x12, 6 shelf paper sorters made of MDF. They come in white and walnut
There are LOTS of organizers for 12x12 paper. Try visiting some scrapbook stores or even some craft stores will have them in their scrapbooking section. Some of the companies that make some are Cropper Hopper, Crop In Style, Display Dynamics (they make stackable paper trays), and Making Memories. Also there's a website called "ScrapNCube" that makes some storage units as well.
thanks for the ideas! I will check them out :)
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