birthday countdown
Now that's is December it's officially birthday countdown time! 16 days to go. I am well past the age where I should even get the least bit excited by being another year older, but I still get a little tickle of excitment. Like maybe I'll get a really good present that I didn't even know I wanted. This probably comes from being an only child where my birthday was almost a week-long event each year.

Today I just did more work and then went to my class with Donne Bitner. I had to force myself to leave and stop working and actually go out for "play time" but I was so glad I did it! It was a ton of fun.

Thanks to Naughty Secretary Club owner, Jennifer Perkins, for mentioning me on her blog.

Oh, I am still watching the Panda Cam, only now Paul found a different one with audio and it is so cute. Last night I heard him squeek. I wish I could have a baby panda for my birthday!

my birthday is on tuesday! i am excited, too. but i don't want a baby panda. it would become a big panda soon and then i would have to hunt and gather bamboo for it to eat. which wouldn't work out so well in snowy omaha!
Donne Bitner is a friend of ours, I love her work! I'm looking forward to seeing more of her work (and that of all the other amazing artists there) at the McRae Studios open house this Saturday.
Hey thanks right back for the mention on your blog :)
Does that mean your birthday is Dec 17?! If so that is too cool, that's when mine is! Pandas are cute, but I want a squirrel -- they're always up to something and having fun! Ha ha!

Love that birthday cake!

Have a great birthday!

yup Dec 17th! happy birthday to you, birthday twin!
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